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     The Metamorphisis


       David Burr

 You reach deep within the collective unconscience

 As you look and see that you have problems with the rehearsal

 As you ponder questions that are universal.

 You want to make your inward realization your ultimate manifestation.

 As you create within your own mind,

 Your ultimate magniopus,

 As you undergo a metamorphisis.

 As you ponder your inner change,

 Your mind you will shuffle and rearrange.

 As you reach in to your chest and pull out your heart,

 All of a sudden you will notice your fear beginning to depart.

 As you look on the world with great disdain,

 you project your consciousness to the astroplane.

 You ask yourself a question as you regurgitate your words,

 To the ultimate sage.

 Then you realize as you undergo this metamorphises,

 You have pondered the meek and mild,

 As you have lost track of your inner child.

 Then you feel hopeless,

 As you have forgotten your once proud magamopis.

 You feel a release,

 Because you have left behind your once precious masterpiece.

 You clench on to your victories bid,

 As you open your mind and release your quintessential ID.

 You get your life back in to focus,

 As you have become the embodiment of a popus.

 This, as you have tried hard on your daily life,

 As you express your creativity,

 The embodiment of a popus is a Yugio card,

 That embodies the qualities of your negativity.

 And even as you soar to a new height,

 You have choosen the path of darness rather than light.

 You look inside your mind and ponder for a while,

 As you were choked by the master file.

 But you feel now a great perpetual bliss,

 As if you were a butterfly undergoing metamorphisis. 

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     The Shadow Spell


      David Burr

Deep within the confines of your own mind,

It isn't hard to find.

You see a world that is in the depths of hell,

As you contemplate the shadow spell.

You see a world as you clench your fist in fear,

You breathe a sigh of relief as your daughter draws near.

You see a world of great commotion ,

As you ponder the sacred ocean.

You see a great shadowy world down the hall,

As the skin off of your face begins to fall.

Then the spider from the abyss,

Comes from within side of your skull.

Then you look at the secretive invention,

As you see things that are to confusing to mention.

Then you reach inside your body and pull out your heart,

AS your life force begins to part.

You channel the collective consciousness of humanity,

As you shout with great profanity.

The world of the shadow spell gives you peace,

AS you wish for your pain to cease.

Then you sacrifice inside your minds eye,

And you feel your victorys bid,

You can sense the collapsing of your own ID.

You ponder the meak and mild in your cousin Dan,

As your inner child becomes a man.

Then you solve the spiders curse,

As your plan is unfurled,

You stab yourself in the heart with a dagger,

As you say, "Goodbye cruel world."

Then as you go about your daily strife,

You enter in to your afterlife.

As you approach the gates of hell,

You ponder why you were once again victimized by the shadow spell.

You ask yourself at the end, "Why didn't I pray?"

As your body begins to rot and decay.   

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          The Inner Man


          David Burr

You look deep within side yourself.

And you put your pride on the shelf.

Then you follow the master plan,

As you gaze within your inner man.

You go down the whirlpool of the deepest ocean.

Then you realize that you are causing all kinds of commotion.

You shout for joy and feel great bliss,

For that ocean is inside your consciousness.

You reach inside your gut,

As you gaze back at your cousin Roy.

Then from the confines of your gut,

You pull out a little boy. 

Then you ponder the meek and mild,

As the little boy turns out to be your inner child.

As surely as the wheel turns you confront your cousin Dan,

As the inner child grows up to be a man.

Then you look within your mind and you see nothing but great sorrow.

You start to cry as your mind has started to turn in to a crow.

You look around and stare with great terror and fright, 

As your internal light becomes as black as midnight.

Then you see yourself as you wonder why you are full of malarky,

As your mind is rescued from your own personal heirarchy.

You walk around in your inner maze,

As you question yourself as you have to stay there for all days. 

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      The Graveyard


       David Burr

You enter a world where you try real hard,

You have just entered in  to the graveyard.

You see yourself confronted by nothing but skulls and bones.

Then you enter a realm of homemade clones.

You come in to a world of constant rejection.

As you behold a world of your own obsession.

Then you behold yourself within the confines of your own mind.

And you clench with fear.

Then you behold your reflection in the mirror-Oh dear!

You look inside the embodiment of apopus.

You behold your one true magnimopus.

You see your eyes within the confines of the sand.

As you make a device that will be a great sensation.

Then you say within yourself, "Isn't it grand?"

Then you ask yourself, "Can I do it?"

And your inner voice replies, "Yes you can."

You behold your inner clay man.

Then you ponder the meek and mild,

As you behold your devolving inner child.

Then you have reached the lowest point you have ever seen,

As you go from homosapien-sapien to austrolapithacene.

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          Through the Friendship Hole


                David Burr

You look up at the sky and wonder why,

Then you look down below and see a light,

That can only exist through the friendship hole.

You see a friendship that will not reverse polarity.

It will take you past the singularity.

Then you see a way of which you will pay the price.

As you see the lady that is made of ice.

You forgot to drink your tonic and gin.

As you have a friend that will last through thick and thin.

You come to a halt as your butt hits the asphalt.

This is a friendship of which you'll say, "Hey,"

As you have a friend that is bisexual-leaning toward gay.

You honked your car in the darkness of night,

As you see dear Alicia, who is a resplended light.

You gaze in to the darkness inside your soul.

Then you come to see a friend that makes you get up and go.

You have a friend that you love so much,

That you would gladly go in to a paddywagon.

But from that wagon you would slay a great dragon.

The friendship will last even as you begin to hoard,

You see a friendship that will go to the end of the earth

Even if you are bored.

You come to the ultimate conclusion as you see,

That your ultimate friend happens to be AC DC.

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         The Sweatmaster


            David Burr


There once was a boy who, on his thirteenth birthday, was given a spellbook called

"The German Book of Spells and Mystery." Now, this boys name was Hans. He was bullied
 a lot while growing up. The kids all called him many different names such as 

"Crybaby", and they called him a product of incest just because he talked rather slow.

Of course Hans was not the product of incest. Even though he talked slow he was very

intelligent. This teasing occured every day from age thirteen to eighteen. Finally,

Hans said, "I am going to summon the most evil being in the universe. This being is

more powerful than the devil and the Christian god."

   This being was contained in the book of spells and was known as the Sweatmaster.

Hans was given this book when he was a kid. He opened it and said, "Great and powerful

Sweatmaster take over my soul and come forth." Ever since, Hans has been consumed by the dark energy

emanating from the Sweatmaster.

  Then Hans, as the Swatmaster, stood up and declared, "I am going to unleash my army

of sweatknights upon the universe." He yelled, "Sweatknights come forth!" Then he

said, "I am going to rid myself of Hasitan and Jesus. I will do this by creating

thunderdomes at the north and south poles. These will drain the earth of its energy."

  Within a few seconds, the earth became completely drained. Then Hans charged in 

to heaven-destroying both the devil and Jesus. Finally, a white arrow appeared out

of the sky. The Knights of Glory, along with the Lightmaster, appeared. The Lightmaster

said, "Sweatmaster you are going down!" A sword fight broke out. Both the sweatmaster

and Lightmaster were equal. Finally the Lightmaster said, "I have had enough of this

back and forth fighting. I am going to end this." The Lightmaster created the Bomb

of Glory, which destroyed the Sweatmaster and the Sweat Knights. The earth and the

universe were re-created. Then, all of a sudden, a bow and arrow of pure darkness

appeared. This re-created the Sweatmaster and the Sweat Knights.The earth and the

universe were destroyed once again. Finally, the Lightmaster and the Knights of Glory

decided that they had had enough. They launched a full scale assault on the Sweatmaster

and the Sweat Knights. The resulting flux of energy recreated the earth and the universe.

This flux also destroyed the Sweatmaster, Sweat Knights, Lightmaster, and the Knights

of Glory, for good.   

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       The Transcendent Alicia


           David Burr

Oh to a woman who looks so resplendent,

Whose joy, when I am with her, is transcendent. 

She has the glow of light,

that expels all the darkness and illuminates the night.

The devil, when he looks at her, expresses great terror and fright.

She makes evil look obscene,

Because she is the ultimate beauty queen.

She has the mind of which no one can besmirch.

Even as the dove uses her soul for a perch.

She expels the lightning,

Because it is frightening.

She is the best girlfriend I ever had.

When she makes a promise it is iron clad.

When faith looks at her it opens the door,

Alicia and I have the ultimate repore. 

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          The Farmer and the Flower


                David Burr

There once was a farmer by the name of Odin who had
a magical pitchfork. He declared, with a loud voice,
"Today I will get revenge on all my enemies." So he
looked at his favorite rosebush and said, "Today you
will expand through the entire globe-picking off my
enemies one-by-one."
   So he zapped the rosebush and said, "Oh great thornbush
awaken!" The thornbush began to grow. As it grew it 
found one of Odin's enemies-Hades. Then a thorn from the
bush shot Hades in the heart and killed him instantly.
Another thorn killed another enemy-Athena. Still
another killed Pegasus.  
   Odin spoke to himself and said, "Now I will conquer
the earth and plunge it in to darkness. But, before I
do so I will stab Zeus in the heart with a pichfork
and kill him." Then, he confronted Zeus and said, "Hi
Zeus! I'm coming to get you." But he was not able to 
kill Zeus. Zues was to strong-his magical powers were
far to great for Odin. 
   Finally Odin said, "I will summon the great candle 
of transference. This will transfer all of Zeus's power
to me." Even though he was only able to get a third of
the power it was still enough power to kill Zeus.
Odin said, "Ha! Ha! Ha!" and stabbed Zeus in the heart.
   Now who should come but the son of Zeus-Hercules!
Hercules takes his sword of lightning and confronts
Odin with it. Using his pitchfork, Odin fights back.
Suddenly a wormhole rips open the fabric of space and
time. Hercules and Odin fall in to the wormhole taking
all of reality with them. This includes the earth.
Suddenly a bright arrow from another dimension shines
forth creating another big bang, thus recreating the

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         The Mirror of Spiritual Reflection


                   David Burr

Take a look in to yourself and you will see,

A man who shouts with pride and glee.

A man who has no objection,

As he gathers in to his inward reflection.

He looked at his wife and said that he would fix her,

As he drank his tonic and elixir.

He drank some herbal tea,

As he pondered the totality of his own mortality.

He knew that it couldn't be any clearer,

As he pondered a way to fix the man in the mirror.

He took a look at what he percieved,

To be his every atrocity,

As he struggled to find the true religiosity.

But before he got driven to insanity,

He thought he would try Christianity.

He knew that if he had every seen the most, 

His faith would be that of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

As he drank his last bottle of Manischevitz,

He discovered that that faith,

Did not stand up to the preponderance of evidence.

He thought he would gamble and buck the odds,

As he ultimately tried the pagan gods.

And then at last-as he cried with jubilation,

He discovered that the one true god was his imagination.

Her came in to the confines of his ID.

He did not have any great objection,

As he glanced in to the mirror of spiritual reflection.

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      The Three Layered man


           David Burr

Deep within your reality

You see one of whom you can't stand.

For, he is the master plan.

Within him, are the multiple layers of the inner man.

Up and down you go,

You gaze with your eyes and see a great prize.

As you behold with your eyes, Dimension X,

Up, down, and side to side.

And before I finish this rhyme,

You will see all four dimensions,

Including one of space and time.

You reach down your throat with your fist,

As you try to get on God's ultimate list.

As you seperate the layers from the man you will see,

That there is a possibility of dimensions out to eternity.

You feel the fist down your throat and you will sigh,

As you feel the multiple dimensions within you will cry.

As you gaze within your mind you will weep.

Because you konw that heavens gate is sold dirt cheap.

As you feel your multiple layers without any objection,

You behold your inner monstrosity,

Which is your addiction.

As you begin to regurgitate,

You realize that the fist within you is the ultimate hand of fate.  

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          The Inner Cave


             David Burr

Take a look at yourself and you will behave.

As the dust clears from deep within,

You will see the mystery of your inner cave.

Inside the cave is a story of great malice.

as you behold the incredible shrinking palace.

As surely as a dog is chewing his bone,

You will try to claim victory over the worldly clone.

You see the psychie of the world-it is laid to rest.

You plunge within your own concsiousness.  

You plunge yourself in to deep depression.

Then you look once and then twice at the worldly transgression.

You look up and down-it isn't hard to define,

As you see, a mans inner cave is symbolic of his mind.

You plunge into darkness in the middle of the night.

You spoke with your inner child as it expressed great terror and fright.

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   Ode to a Snottite


       David Burr

Creeping at the bottom of a cave,

There is a microscopic organism that will make you behave.

And even though it doesn't have the bite of a crocidile,

The snottite is an excellent extremeophile.

It proves evolution to this day and time.

Life undergoes a metamorphisis bmefore I finish this rhyme.

It proves life evolved and was not created.

As surely as I am mocking my ID,

Microbes can exist inside a holy box,

As surely as they exist in the sweat of your socks.

As the layers of the human consciousness

Can sometimes be paranoid,

Your inner child will grow to be a man,

As depicted by Sigmund Freud.  

As surely as children may engage in a feud,

these microscopic organisms will be your minds power,

Of which you are currently embewed.

Microbes live within life forms young and old.

Everything from mitochondria to a microbe that lives within mold.

A microbe can be everything from a bacteria flugellum,

That was discovered by a great popietrist,

As well as a deadly AIDS virus.

everybody who studies a microscopic organism his or her own task.

From someone who studies a harmless bacteria,

To someone who studies a virus so dangerous that you must wear a mask. 

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          The Mysterious Heartbeat


                 David Burr

You open the door and you cut your feet,

You see the bleeding thereby,

And you realize that you have been victimized by the mysterious heartbeat.  

You see the skull of the great death.

It is a result of the pounding heartbeat,

And you realize that you have nothing left.

Shine oh blesssed darkness unto the light.

You will spend an hour in terror and fright.

You find a clown in ancient history.

Oh, how you do not fear the heart of a great mystery!

You find your soul in darkness-oh dear!

Then you clench your mighty hand with fear.

It comes down to the blood that you would upchuck.

As the acidic nature of your bodies blood,

Would create the skull creatures and make the world out of luck.

You see the sight of eternal light.

Your ultimate quagmire finds goules,

To put you in a state of terror and fright.

You can not help but to plunge your head in to darknes.

And crawl out of the grave of mystery,

As you find yourself in a place where your heart beats through all of history.

as the hero takes the the blazing sword,

He illuminates the sky and earns his reward.

You can not find out what to eat,

As you take the bitter with the sweet.

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     The Echos of Alicia


        David Burr

Deep within the silent sea,

I see the one that would have a guilty plea.

I met a girl in the very deep.

Other than her, I heard not a peep.

I looked at her and saw the beauty of silence.

Oh how I saw the pearl of self reliance.

I looked at Alicia-she was so resplended.

And her beauty was so transended!

Oh to my surprise!

My darling Alicia could never tell me any lies.

She has the glow of a thousand suns.

I heard a voice from heaven thunder on the day she was created.

When I look at her my mind is immediately elevated.

I took out my billfold and saw many ones.

As her voice echoed with the thundering of many guns.

I rejoice with great jubilation,

As I admire the day of Alicia's creation.   

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       The Eyes of Fire


         David Burr

Take a look in to a mans eyes,

As he sees a blaze that will never retire.

Gazing back in time, if you will,

To the eyes of fire.

Darkness falls on the forgotten lore,

Oh how I have seen the fiery eyes before!

I looked in to my lovers eye and I saw her gaze.

And I saw how her enemy pays.

I looked at her dagger and saw the sun.

Oh how I lit up the torch with a machine gun!

Oh, the fire is torn from the flame.

I looked inside the eyes of the past,

And I saw who was to blame.

I looked up in the sky and saw my lord.

Oh how I came crashing down with a thundering Damaclese sword!

I took the water even though it was but a cup.

I saw the blaze and it occured to me what is up.

I looked down at the forgotten hill.

The fire of the lightning blaze came out of my mouth,

Oh what a thrill!

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      Blood Diamonds
       David Burr

Like a rhyme or a sickening thud,
They are the diamonds gathered from another mans blood.
They work hard and toil in their labor.
They are exhausted with pain,
All for another mans gain.
And every man that is over them,
Says that they put the cost in,
Oh how the workersuy die from exhaustion!
It is like blood sweat and tears,
That comforts your fears.
Their masters get rich with great gain.
But, the poor diamond miners have to beg.
Because all they get is a big fat goose egg.
Their masters check in to the bureau of bad behaviour.
Because they have accepted greed as their lord and saviour.
Through the mire and the clay,
When carma comes back the masters will pay.
Faster than any steed,
They will whip their workers with corporate greed.
They get richer day by day and inch by inch.
Oh how the masters will follow the greedy stench!

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     The Whisper of Silence
          David Burr

You got trapped in a cave full of violence,
And you fell in to the whisper of silence.
You reflect inward to your thoughts,
You are still debating,
as to why you are hallucinating.
You hear the quiet rustle of the wind.
And you gaze upon those who have sinned.
You see the pendulum of the great cuckoo clock,
And you fall asleep as it goes, "Tic-toc."
As you fall in to dreamland you hit the road,
And tell yourself, "Do not eat the poisonous toad."
You look at the sun while your mind is filled with great contemplation,
Your mind sees a great quadratic equation.
You see the smile of a pacifist,
His inner peace fills you with perpetual bliss.
You bang your head against the wall,
As your countenance begins to fall.
You have died from this.
I saw a room with a smokey mirror,
Oh, how it made my vision a lot clearer!
I saw a room and did not behave,
Then I resurrected myself from my mortal grave.

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               The Transcendent Sky
                   David Burr

Picture a sky of which my brain has transcended,
Now, look inside the pit of despair.
You will see insanity of which no one can compare.
You watch with your inner child,
As you ponder that which is meek and mild.
You come crashing down with a hearty elixir,
Your mini-size paints the picture.
You look up in the sky and shake your fist,
As you ponder the tonic of your own rightousness.
You look upon yourself and look within,
As you see the psychotic skull that scares you again.
You took a piece off of a rim or dare,
Of your ego no one can compare.
You search for God in the sweet by and by,
Then you realize that you are part of the transcendent sky.
You look down and sing a song.
Oh how you realize that you were God all along.
You walk along the purified sand.
As you realize that your god was your pineal gland.
Come now and be driven insane,
As you realize that your god was part of your brain.
You went on a boat and became seasick.
Oh, how you wanted to realize that you were ultimately psychic!
Your psychic powers you could sustain,
As you took a ride on the astro-plane.

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      The Eyes of Understanding
           David Burr
You present yourself and do your deed,
Oh how your insight will concede!
You came up and you looked twice,
And for your enlightenment you paid the price.
You looked at the multilayered cave and wondered why,
You were driven insane,
As the sword of Damaclese collapsed on your brain.
You have a farm which has lost its charm.
On this farm is a cow that has given birth.
And this has brought joy to the earth.
New life is what everyone is planning.
You opened your mind to the eyes of understanding.
This understanding is like a professors.
You got your IQ tested and it was the same as Chester's. 
Deep within the halls of contemplation,
As you were accused by the clergy of having a spirit of demonation.
You withstood a great profanity,
Which made you expel your own insanity.
You came up and you looked twice,
And wondered why within your minds eye you paid the price.

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          The Dagger of Mystery
              David Burr

Deep in the woods is a dagger of mystery.
This daggers powers will last throughout history.
This dagger will cut throught the illusion,
As surely as a wizard brings confusion.
As the thinking man ponders his fate,
For this man, the seven heavenly trumpets await.
The man ponders his existance to and fro,
As he glances at the time,
While a sign says, "Do not pass go."
He looks up at the sky while he awakens in bed,
As the sword of truth plummets on his head,
He dies a cruel death.
His aunt cries tears of sorrow,
As the joyful memories of his past,
Gives her hope for a better tomorrow.
She ponders whether or not there is creatiion,
As she looks at all of the earths variations.
Even as a little girl loses her first tooth,
The aunt looks at the evidence she sees as proof of creation.
Even as many people think she is odd,
It helps her to believe that her nephew is with God.
Even though there is an overwhelming abundance of contrary evidence,
She focuses on the joy that her belief has given her,
And that she has had ever since.
Even though her sister is a bitter rival,
The aunt chooses to believe her bible.
Even though the sword of creation points to the contrary,
She has reached her conclusion,
Even though many psychiatrists would say,
That this is an intellectualized self-delusion.
As the aunt ponders all of anciant history,
She makes her peace with the great dagger of mystery.
Even as the angels sing a heavenly song,
The aunt and her sister have found a way to get along.

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         The Barrel of a Gun
             David Burr

Deep within the barrel of a gun,
Lives another dimension that has killed many people for fun.
Oh, how we struggle to find out the ideal price!
Because we have taken so many lives,
We are as cold as ice.
This dimension where killing has altered the fabric of reality,
As murder takes its claim we hear the ultimate finality.
We stare down this barrel in to a great void.
Oh, how this has made many men very paranoid!
As you feel the wrath of a great sociopath,
You realize that your gun holds the key to another dimension.
As you warp the fabric of space and time with no exception.
As a bullet displays your mortality,
You wish to save your life,
As you metamorphisize in to an alternate reality.
AS you pull out of the barrel of the gun-the ultimate release,
You can bend your reality in to the ultimate quest for peace.
As the bullet shoots you, you warp in every dimension,
As you reverse the flow of space and time,
You take away the power of the shooting obsession.
As you look in to your victims eyes,
You realize that you have to put your gun on the floor,
As peace and safety from the ultimate dimension,
Put an end to all strife.
As loaded guns go down and do not increase,
You discover the secret to internal peace.
You discover as do a million vagabonds,
That eternal peace can only be achieved,
As you drop your loaded guns.
As you look inside the mirror you have no objection.
All you see is your heavenly reflection.
As you gain control of your senses there is one exception,
You realize that you paid the price for peace,
As a million vultures do feast.
You realize that through Gods power,
All can be achieved.
As you realize that you are robust,
You realize that the true God power is in every one of us.
Even as our energy is released,
Soon, everywhere, war will cease.
And hope in every being will increase.gf

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        the Woman in the Waterfall
               David Burr

standing alone within a cage,
She investigated her internal rage.
she began to investigate her pride,
As she thought that she might commit suicide.
Then she thought she was ten feet tall,
As she began to smile for us all.
As she gathered within herself,
the consciousness of a waterfall.
Inside the the waterfall were buzzards coming to feast,
As she glanced at the time while it ceased.
Also, in the waterfall was a resplendent light,

As she and here husband had dinner by candlelight.
She glanced in the mirror of her own thoughts,
Of which she had no objection.
Then she looked down at her belly,
And made the ultimate connection.
She looked at her body as it collapsed within,
As she finished the last of her tonic and gin.
She returned her body to its true form,
As the bees around her did swarm.
She gathered her thoughts and her collective consciousness,
When the waterfall within her gave her perpetual bliss.
She looked at herself in the mirror and did not clear it,

For the waterfall within her was the Holy Spirit.
She looked at the birds and they sang a sad song,
As she told the multitudes,"We are gods all along."
She looked up and stood tall,
Because she was truly the woman in the waterfall.
the waterfall went down mountains very high,
As she saw her boyfriend and kissed him goodbye.

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       The Call of the Haunted
           David Burr

Picture a mass graveyard.
It would not be to hard.
It is filled with goblins, goules, and such,
And zombies that will eat your brain for lunch.
It is caught between parallel universes,
And ultimate death, and many curses.
You hear the different dimensions,
Of which you can picture Rodan's thinker.
As surely as you hit a baseball out of this world,
Because the pitch was a sinker.
You spend all night in the graveyard meditating,
As the many voices in your head were debating.
Inside your mind you are divine.
As your endless imagination conjures up Mistress Nine.
As you encounter her many spells and her twisted bed,
You are grateful that you have not encountered the call of the haunted.
As you contemplate your ultimate fate,
You are grateful that the Dark Lord has not caused you to hate.
As you seek your god for a sign,
You have encountered the bride of Frankenstein.

ext box >>


     The Box Inside the Cave
        David  Burr

Take a look deep inside the cave as you pick the locks.
For, inside this cave is a giant box.
It will take you for a morning jog,
For, inside this box is nothing more than brain fog.
Now, the brain fog will bring you confusion,
And an intellectualized self delusion.
Inside this cave there is also a boy,
ho is playing with his developmental toy.
So even though his Dad is well payed,
This boy, as you see, is developmentally delayed.
Standing by the boy is a girl.
She can be bought with a pearl.
The girls parents are both departed.
And, she is mentally retarded.
And, I realize as I went through this phase,
That I saw the holy dove,
And both the boys and the girls IQ's were raised.
I tried to run and I tried to hide,
But I did not understand why,
Both the boy and girl grew up to be normal.
Even though in my self I must confide,
That the boy is my inner child and the girl my feminine side.
Even though I am fully physical and have done my job,
I have finally rid myself of the mental fog.
Even though my mind was purely toxic,
I realize now that I am an agnostic.
But, even though I meditate and try to hide,
I still have an open spiritual side.
And here is now my conclusion,
"I am now free from the intellectual delusion,
Even though the totality of God's creation,
Is right in front of my mental stagnation.
And bisexuality is my orientation."

New text box >>


           The Friendly Joker
              David Burr

Take a look at the laughter of calamaty.
It is the laughter of great insanity.
The hyena laughs at evils gaze.
Oh how the insane man is the one who pays!
You laugh at the knife weilding killer,
This is a great obsession or thriller.
The knife is the dagger of rightousness,
As you wave your hands in perpetual bliss.
You take a bow and behold a great deed.
Then you find yourself next to a noble steed.
You beheld the crystal in your arms,
As you began to laugh at all of its charms.
You pull a card and it is an ace.
The jokers laughter will put you in your place.
You lose every game of poker,
As you laugh at the friendly joker.
Your wifes back aches,
As you dive in to the wedding cake.
You have heartache and strife,
As you stand in amazament in awe of the butcher knife.
Your life has gone to waste,
As you look at your own blood you feel like a disgrace.

< New text box >>

        the Woman in the Waterfall

































<< New text box >>

<< New text box >>


     The Riddle of the Dark Haze
         David Burr

Deep within the belly of a great evil,
There lived a man who would consume the weak and feeble.
He would glow in the pit of darkness throughout history,
As he would shout blasphemy with pride and glee.
His mind would always turn back the clocks,
As he would open all of the locks.
In the shadows of a great despair,
This man would never care. 
As he saw a prisoner who had a great skull,
He would always go in to the dungeon and make a great overhaul.
Before you would relax,
He would imagine cutting your feet off with an ax.
His mind was constantly gazing in to a crystal ball,
Where he would make his great overhaul.
The light would come in to his very being,
Even before the Grand Opera would sing.
He would try to blind you during all of his days,
As he would solve the riddle of the dark haze.
He would focus on this riddle both day and night,
As the true answer to this riddle was the inner light.

New text box >>

<< N

     The Eyes of Psychosis
        David Burr

    Take a look deep within a mans eyes,
You will see lots of sorrows and sighs.
    Ode to the great man of despair,
For which no one did care.
    He was once a great man of pride and glee,
Of which his sanity did flee.
    He went down to see his own personal government,
He saw the rich and powerful make great gains,
Seeing this drove him insane.
    He saw the future and the end of his life,
And all he could comprerhend was great strife.
    He pierced a sword through the fabric of time,
And followed a serial killer through a trail of slime.
    He saw his life and pondered every reason,
As he vomited the blood of a digestive season.
    He went to school to learn about osmosis,
Where he came face to face with the eyes of psychosis.
    He thought he would cut his wrists with a knife,
As he was stopped by his compassionate wife.

ew text box >>

     The Riddle of the Dark Haze























<< New text box >>

<< New tex

          The Eyes of Justice


             David Burr

Within the confines of the eyes reflection,

There lives a world of no objection.

You see your memory at a glance,

As sure as a horseman would have tossed a lance.

Your mind is in contact with other worldly beings,

Just as the mourning dove sings.

You are driven in to a time warp,

As you are being fired from Trump Corp.

You look in to a mystery and see the ridde,

As surely as a school boy plays the fiddle.

you open the door to the abyss,

And take a look at the devil,

That was thrown in to the pit by the angels fist.

You suffer from intellectualized self-delusion,

And then begin to reach your conclusion,

That the wold around you is nothing more than an illusion.

In Greek mythology the Sirens sing,

As you fail to buy your woman a wedding ring.

The mind of ages is cooking in a stew pot,

As you confont a man who gambles with his soul a lot. 

He sees the spirit of death and he's as cold as ice,

Because he is here to collect your gambling debt,

Oh how you have paid the price!

In your school years you were taught about Austropithacine, Afarensus, and Robustus,

As you reflected upon the meaning of life through the eyes of justice.

As you gaze in to the core of your being,

You see your allies-the angels that sing.

As you know, by fire you are purified,

You realoze that you are forgiven for every time that you lie.      

t box >>


            The Widows Grave


              David Burr

Deep within the shadows of a grave,

There lived a widow who would not behave.

Although there were many who mourned

what they perceived to be her passing,

The grave that she was in gave her life everlasting.

The grave that she was in,

was filled with many horrors, and spiritual decadence.

For, she beckoned forth a curse,

And we discovered which is worse.

For she found out-when she died,

That the totality of her confusion,

Was the ultimate proof that this world is nothing more than an illusion.

She called on a great inventor, Nikola Tesla.

She pondered the many alternate realities which her grave would send her.

She went down in great confusion,

Until she learned what was her ultimate delusion.

She called upon it in great angst.

Her face was filled with sweat and a burden of proof,

On how she wanted to find her missing tooth.

The day ended slow and her dance lesson lasted all night.

She looked at the many theories of physics and realized most are lies.

As she pondered with many sighs.

She looked inside her collective consciousness.

And it would not behave.

So she pondered how at last she would enter in to a widows grave.

She realized without translation,

That solidification was the result of the final reincarnation.

She realized once and for all that most people have a degeree of sentiance.

And everybody hopes to arise and awaken to the highest level-transcendence.

Just as surely as there is not any great nation,

some people believe that transcendence is our ultimate destination.


New text box >>

<< New

           The Microbe


           David Burr

Deep within the bottom of the sea,

There was a land of great pride and glee.

as one devoted his skull,

In this place he outdid us all.

Even though I was dying,

I was able to lift my head and ask,

"God why are you crying?"

Even though on my carcass the vultures had a great feast,

It was here in the underworld that I saw power,

To say the least.

As my body was being destroyed by corrosion,

I found a new life for myself from within.

Even though my god had attempted the all-knowing suicide,

All creation began to run and hide.

Even though all life exists around the globe,

we evolved from one microbe.

Even though, at this moment, we lack any bliss, 

we will make it our goal to become a united oneness.

Even though a microbe is a bacteria,

I swallow this earth in to my interior.

I looked at the world in particular,

and realized that as surely as the farmer bails hay,

I am made of DNA.


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<< New

    The Eyes of Truth


      David Burr

Take a look in to someones eyes.

You will see your own demise.

That cold blank stare,

Of which no one can compare.

Behind the ultimate reflection,

There isn't any objection.

You gaze in to the darkness of the sea.

And clone yourself in to the ultimate misery.

As surely as the light shines bright,

You step in to the terror of midnight.

In the bowels of the great beyond,

the Earth does regurgitate.

As you look within yourself,

You see that it is you that they will obliterate.

Inside of your skull there is a great expanse.

Behold how your brain will create the ultimate dance.

You ask, "Why did these dogs have to be euphenised?"

You look within the darkness of your soul and realize.

You gain the respect of your fellow peers,

As you hear one-thousand screams in your ears.

You enjoy the hauntings as you walk down the aisle.

You tell yourself, "I want to get married."

But you are in denial.

You are caught inside a cage where there isn't any proof,

As Jesus Christ, your lord and master,

Frees you from the cage by way of the eyes of truth.

You studied all about Michael Farady,

As you have been given by God, youyr mental clarity.

You have a sausage but you won't take a bite.

Where there once was darkness there now is light.


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<< New text box >

        The Barrel of Fish


           David Burr

You went down by the seashore,

and saw a Barrel of Fish. 

You looked inside the barrel.

Saw a woman whose name was Trish.

She puzzled me by the way she acted.

Because she looked at me like she was attracted.

She gave a new meaning to the saying,

"There are plenty of fish in the sea."

I looked at the fish with pride and glee.

As I brainstormed in deep thought,

I felt like my feelings were tied in a knot.

I see my inner strength.

And I wanted to walk the plank.

as I pondered the meaning of my inner being,

Oh how I wanted to wed this girl,

And buy her a diamond ring.

For this girl was a nine and almost a ten,

She would captivate my attention once again. 

As surely as I knew many people that were agnostic,

I never realized that one day this relationship would go toxic.

As surely as I decided to cut my losses and go,

I spent a day or two crying and suffering great woo.

Even though I couldn't imagine this girl giving my victories bid,

There was never a time in which this girl entered my id.

Even though the relationship did not work,

And there was nothing about it that would grant my wish,

I realized I could always find my true hearts desire in a barrel of fish.

As a matter of fact I could always find the one true person,

That would make a tasty dish.


<< New

     The Dagger of Mystery


         David Burr

  Long ago in Beverly Hills there lived a

five-year-old boy. Now, this boy had a  twelve-

year -old sister who always picked on him. Day

after day she would always ridicule him until

the cows came home.

  One day, the five-year-old boy, who's name was

Billy, gathered up some of his friends from

school. They decided to get together and kidnap

his sister, whos name was Katherine. So the boys

kidnapped her and they took her to a cave. They

strapped her to a bed and hung a dagger above

Katherine's head. Billy said, "Well, well well

my sister! The tide has turned! Now you are

waiting for the sword of Damicles to plummet in

to your cranium. Unless you repent and agree to

serve me for the rest of your life this dagger

will fall on you and kill you. The only way you

can avoid your inevitable fate, like I specified

at an earlier conjuncture in time, is to be my

slave and say you are sorry for all that you have

put me through."

   Katherine replied, "I will never serve you!

You are an evil little boy. Be gone with you."

   "In that case, I will unleash the dagger and

you will die!" So Billy released the dagger and it

plummeted in to her skull. Then later, Billy

contacted this older man who was giving away fourty-

eight caliber pistols. Billy took one of the pistols,

shot the man who gave it to him, and then killed every

one in school who had made fun of him.

    Finally, the cops came to arrest Billy. Billy

would not surrender so he got in to a firefight

with them. A cop shot him in the heart and he died.

text box >>

<< New

       The Mom of Ages


         David Burr

Deep within the gallows of history,

There lived a woman of great mystery.

And as surely as she was sanctified,

By God alone she was justified.

The pearl of her life was a mystery.

She glared with the beauty of a thousand diamonds at once,

Just as life was her greatest testimony that she was not a dunce.

And as surely as her life was not out of reach,

It is many life lessons to me that she would teach.

And even though in life she did play it safe,

She was a woman of great moral compass and faith,

Even though her light went dim after it did illuminate.

It was for my sake that her lifes essence no man could eliminate.

Her greatest proof of her love,

Was her being as gentle as a dove.

Even though her brightness was not meant to last,

Her kindness and love will never be a thing of the past.

Even though she was not meant to preach,

Her inner beauty one could always beseach.

It is the depths of the Earth,

That at one point her collective consciousness did reach.

Even though her mind has fallen,

In my mind I can always hear her calling,.

Though the enemy of our souls has rendered her intellectually useless,

I will some day see her in Heaven.

And she will have the mind of Confucious.

Though she has never had any problems with her bone marrow,

You will see her in Heaven for two reasons:

Because she took Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour,

And she always walked the straight and narrow.

And as history turns the pages,

My Mom, Tonja Burr, will always be the mom of ages.

Even though she is now in a nursing home,

One day when I see her in glory even as I tell this story,

Her mind will return to her with the solidity of a garden nomb.


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<< New text box >>

     The Mother of Mystery


         David burr

At the edge of space,

There lives a spiritual woman of great grace.

I call her the best to the utter most.

She is the amazing spirit-the one true Earth ghost.

In her arms is the Earth,

Of which she did give birth.

The atmosphere tells the story of her face,

Of which she expands throughout space.

And even though you are having tea at high noon,

She rescued you from your doom.

For the ocean that you were swimming in is her womb.

She comes to you with amazing love.

And, unlike other spirits,

She won't demand the sacrifice of a turtle dove.

And even though you look within yourself and see great rage,

Your mother will calm you down like a master sage.

Even though she will give you a piece of her mind,

As surely as in her hand she holds your breath,

She will free you of your worry if there is anything left.

She will come to you with a sweet voice.

When you obey her you will feel like you don't have a choice.

For, she loves you so much,

That she will rub away your pain with a heavenly touch.

Even though she is a spirit of great mystery,

And as surely as a fictional flying saucer would hover,

She is the true and amazing wonderful Earth mother.

Even though I met her just recently,

She is more relaxing to me,

Than the most supreme earthly mother of mystery.

She has been around since the dawn of history.


What's New

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       The Foolish Burial


          David Burr

Deep within a shadowy grave,

There lived a man who never gave.

The mwditation of his mind continually,

Was about how he could help himself,

He was never able to put his pride on the shelf.

The chasm of his mind was a deep pit.

He wrestled with constant greed in the confines of his ID.

Of this problem, he was never able to get a victorious bid.

He was in a constant quagmire,

With his flamboyant attire.

His mind was an open sepulcher.

A sepulcher with many layers of which the dead were buried,

A man who cold never quite fix his inner child,

Who had many problems of which were buried.  

In his life he was very conflicted.

He would never be a success-everyone predicted.

His mind was many layers deep.

So that the elders of his collective consciousness did weep.

He was a child who had never tasted bliss.

His childhood was consumed with fog, rain, and a perpetual mist.

In his mind he thought that he could not fail.

As a matter of fact he thought he could carry all.

He never thought that he'd be the victim of a Foolish Burial.

In his mind, he went to the grave before he died.

In his life he suffered with greed and wrath.

Oh, how he grew up after the aftermath!

When he was arrested for an assault,

He remembered the Foolish Burial and his inner child became an adult.


<< New text box >

             The Barrel of the Ocean


                   David Burr

Deep within the ocean there is a barrel.

Inside this barrel there are answered prayers and many things.

And inside heavens choir a little boy sings.

Also, inside the barrel there are many thoughts.

With those thoughts the boy plays Connect the Dots.

Outside of the barrel exists a galactic ocean.

By using this ocean the boy,

Which is your inner child, causes commotion. 

Open your heart and flip the barrel to reverse.

Inside the barrel you will find a great curse.

The ocean is kindness, which overflows.

And the mysteries of its depths no one knows.

A school of great fish,

Will grant you your every wish.

Inside the barrel is a monkey.

This monkey is very chunky.

Inside the ocean which is inside the barrel,

Exists a wind that will put your mind at ease,

As you bow to your creator while on your knees.

You swallow the ocean and open heavens gate.

For it is your ego that you will soon deflate.

Inside the barrel the little boy,

Is playing with heavens mystery toy.

Open your eyes and see from coast to coast,

For the barrel inside the ocean represents the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

You see, within the ocean there is all kinds of commotion.

You will shout with pride and glee,

As your sins are thrown in to the forgetful seed.

Inside the barrel with no exception,

Baptism in Jesus's name is the plan of redemption.

Where there is sin in every flavor,

Your only hope is to have Jesus Christ as your lord and saciour.

For Jesus Christ will make an assault,

As your inner child becomes an adult.




<< New text box >>

      The Camera Flash


        David Burr

Picture a world as it flashes before your eyes.

Oh how you are going to win a great prize.

Your long-lived obsession has become your own projection.

You see the world deep within your soul,

As it brings nothing but confusion, chaos, and woe.

You commited one final atrocity,

As you are trapped within the confines,

Of your own intellectualized self delusion of grandiosity.

You see a flash in the pan,

As it creates your own personalized grandstand.

You focus on the path of least resistance,

As you pass through the plan of your own existence.

The melting pot of the earth,

Has brought you back to the place where nature gives birth.

As you look at your next of kin,

You see the world through your own toothless grin.

As you look upon yourself with pride and glee,

You see the key to your own hypocrisy.

As you look back on your life you see it as being but a dash.

As you are trapped within the confines of your own camera flash.

You look at the world within and the world without,

As you realize in your own confusion,

That the world around you is nothing but an illusion.

You project to the top and ponder about Michael Farady,

As you examine the existence of the crystal singularity.

You examine your existence and find it is quite odd,

As this magical illusion is created by Almighty God.


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           Ghost Fabric


            David Burr

Deep within the fabric of reality,

I can see the great totality.

An invisible world that is as cold as ice.

Oh how do I pay the price?

Knock yourself out until you are almost dead.

Then you will see the dancing flutter of many dreams in your head.

Open your mouth and insert your fist.

Then you will surely be on your minds ultimate list.

Look up look down before I finish this rhyme.

Then you will plunge in to the reality of space and time.

Go in your bedroom and hide under your bed.

Then you will enter a world which a child calls the World of the Dead.

Look up and you will see the most,

A bold and wonderful great phantom coming,

Which is the ultimate ghost.

Enter a bold new world,

Where the ultimate plan is being unfurled.

You look deep in to the abyss,

As you see that nothing is amiss.

You see the totality,

As you alter the fabric of the ultimate reality.

You enter the spirit world with the ultimate line.

As you search within yourself this is what you find.

You see a world so meek and mild,

And you try to get in touch with your inner child.

Don't find a pistol and don't find a gun,

For the ultimate ghost fabric is a holy one.

As you ship tea and flowers coast to coast,

You have been baptized with the power of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

You realize that your past life has put you to shame.

And then realize that your salvation comes by being baptized in Jesus's name.

As you look upon yourself and your past bad behaviour,

You realize that your only choice is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

You analyze your prsent state and find it is tragic.

That is why you solve the mystery of the Ghost Fabric.  

<< New text box >>  The Spitfire Mirror




                                         David Burr


 Deep within your own thoughts,

 Lies the shadowy grave,

 Full of mysteries, malice, and everything you crave. 

You pulled on your dresser for a while,

 Before you stumbled across the master file.

 You challenged the night and made it pay,

 You were delighted to see the dawn of a new day.

 Blinded by your own reflection, 

 You searched the bottom of the ocean and found no objection.

 All that you saw within was the bottomless pit,

 Where you found your inner demons where you should sit.

 You had a great fear because your Daddy called you a wuss,

 As you tried to solve the mystery of the mental octopus.

 You looked around at properties that are discriminative, 

 As you tried to communicate with the collective consciousness,

 And it was primitive.

 You tried to run and you tried to hide,

 But the only thing you could find in your life was racial pride.

 You thought that it was demanding,

  You thought that by looking within yourself,

 That you would gain some eternal understanding.

 You slipped inside a great meditation,

 As you decided to meditate on your own manifestation.

 As you pondered everything from, "Is there a god?'

 To the meaning of existence,

 And you did this from the dawn of your own creation.

 You looked at art to say the least,

 And then you found a man that had come to terms,

 With his own inner peace.

 You looked up at the sky and saw the astroplane,

 As you saw the psychics that were all driven insane.

 They looked inside themselves and it became clearer,

 That they did not want to suffer the pain of The Spitfire Mirror




<< New text box >>

<< New text box >> The Witches Brew




                                    David Burr


In the woods lived a witch,

Who had a brew that she would put everything in to.

as well as, something old and something new.

Inside the brew there was a spider she did not mention.

Because the spider lived inside another dimension.

She would call upon the gates thereof,

She forgot to mention,

That inside those gates, 

Was a dove that would take you to a higher ascension.

She tried to wine and dine,

She would put her hand inside the brew,

And search for a sign.

For, inside that brew was everything

that was a great mystery and did match.

For there were layers upon layers of a persons mind.

And that mind brought forth a batch she did not mind.

Also, inside that brew was a man of great confusion.

He was a wizard that did all great wonders, mysteries and illusions.

Inside the magical pot,

There was a chasm of spikes ,

To put her on the spot.

For inside this brew there were many doors and walls you see,

And three sirens singing a mans death song, 

That would make everyone as angry as can be.

Also, the witch was casting spells with the brew,

And doing all kinds of signs and wonders , too.

She emptied her pot and a man jumped in.

Inside was all kinds of shadows, mysteries and illusions,

For a person to be living in.

So, the man thought that he would sit,

As he opened up the door to a mystery pit.

the man found out that when he jumped in the pit,

That it was not a toy,

Instead he would decrease in age,

Down to the level of a little boy.

The boy discovered everything to be so meek and mild,

As he discovered all along that he was the mans wounded inner child.

The boy felt proud of himself,

And he knew what he should do,

He would drink of the sacred cup,

And as he drank it he realized he was growing up.

As he grew up it became apparent,

That he was becoming religious,

And getting in touch with his inner parent.

He realized that he no longer suffered from psychosis,

But instead as he grew up,

He began to discover his great neurosis.

For he committed every single forbidden atrocity,

So now he needed to settle down,

With his own form of religiosity.

For he had discovered the five dimensions all ot once,

And he knew what he would do.

He would pour the collective consciousness he had gathered,

In to a great witches brew.


                                 the end


                                                    The Ocean of Mystery




                                                        David Burr


 Deep within the mysterious ocean there was a cave

 It was filled with many thoughts

 And everything that a man could crave.

 there lived a man within this cave

 His brothers life one day he did save.  

 Inside this cave there were many mysteries,

 And all things that go bump in the night,

 They were all enough to give the average person great fright.

 so many lost soul of which the ocean did consume,

 And sealed many men to their inner tomb.

 Deep within the ocean lived a whale,

 That was so frightening that it would make any person pale.

 This whale was one of great mystery.

 Because it went back to ancient history.

 Inside this ocean there was a labyrinth,

 Yes a mighty maze indeed.

 Inside the labyrinth was a minatour,

 And a person riding his noble steed.

 All day long the man on the steed pondered,

 As to how he would defeat the creature to which his mind pondered. 

 He realized the harsh  reality,

 That it was up to his mind and sword,

 To defeat this creature, who had a great health malady.

 He realized that even though he was completely dazed,

 He would ponder a way to get out of this maze.

 He had soon realized his master plan,

 Was to set aside self deciet and many fears,

 For he had cried an ocean of tears.

 He took a sword of great mystery

 That had a vast extensive history.

 With this sword he could raise the tide of the ocean.

 Unleash its inner rage,

 And destroy the tiger in the cage.

 He would cause all to see,

 How he got free from The Ocean of Mystery.



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                                                                                The Core
                                                                               David Burr

Deep within the confines of another dimension,
Two planets are colliding together whose names we can not mention.
They have created a warp between space and time,
Before I have finished this rhyme.
You've cleansed your mind from every atrocity,
As the life in the wormhole works up the audacity.
They are bending their minds,
As they discover time warps of all kinds.
As good and evil collide,
In the sacred cave,
The ones who have perpetuated the evil in all of its thrills,
They will hide in that cave,
Until the leader makes them swallow their own bitter pills.
As the ice pick falls off the wall,
And becomes a great dagger,
They go down the doomsday hall,
And begin to gag her.
There is a great silence in all of reality,
As the ones who perpetuate evil,
Realize their own mortality.
The billions of people on the earth,
Who come together with one great wind as it gathers against the shore,
They will fire their collective energy with one mighty force,
And they will drain their own source,
Break down the walls as the evil falls.
As they bombard a great evil,
By firing at will in to the universe's inner core,
They will drain their energy as if it were a great mystery.
Then the next day their eagle will soar,


<< New text box >>





               Ode to Metamorphism
                   David Burr

 Transformations near and far,
 Oh how I was blessed by a shooting star.
 In the twilight you pay the price,
 As you count the blessings,
 And rub your wounds with a block of ice.
 You knock on heavens gate,
 As you await your fate.
 You ponder the meaning of a grand existence,
 While looking down at your feet.
 As you puzzle within yourself about heavens elite.
 You stir the pot with great angst,
 As your shipmate walks the planks.
 You find, as the barrier within your brain,
 Has driven many a man insane.
 Look at the core of your existence,
 As you peer in to heavens resistance.
 You wonder how evolution took place,
 And so you create a brand new system,
 That uses metamorphism.

                     the end           





















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       The Solemn Singularity


            David Burr

Deep within the confines of a black hole,

There lives a world of the universal polarity.

For, in this black hole lives a light that's in all of us,

The light of the Solemn Singularity.

For within each and every man,

There has always been the master plan.

But, remember we did sin,

As we gave our lives to tonic and gin.

You see, we failed to look within.

Darkness is across the vacuous void that is our skulls,

As on Christmas day we always deck the halls.

The human race is made up of many classes.

We serve the greedy ones that are always making nonsensical passes.

We are always willing to catch the flaming darts that our enemy hurls,

As we gaze upon the attractive boys and girls.

We upchuck every day with disgust.

How dare we work up the audacity to burn with primal lust.

We celebrate our own greed,

Like a child who has never learned to read.

We realize who is at fault,

As we grow up in to our inner adult.

As surely as Buddha meditated under the bodhi tree,

You will look within yourselves and surely try.

As I pass by your faults I will break down and cry.

It does not matter what religion you are,

Or if you are from the nearest star.

It does not matter if you are atheist or agnostic,

Or if you are a collector of pets that are oh so exotic.

But what you need to be free from is your every atrocity,

As you march through ancient history,

As you pour out of your body your own spirituality.

Even as Weird Al Yankovic makes a great parody,

You will swear by none other than the Solemn Singularity.

I don't care that this may look a little odd,

But the Solemn Singularity is their universal God.
As this country-the U.S.A.    

Incarcerates many killers who take hostages,

We are free to worship many gods and goddesses.

Even as we walk down Independence Hall,

We are free to worship nothing at all.

Even as it shrinks in popularity,

We are free to worship the Solemn Singularity.

even as we live inside a black hole,

And occasionally build around ourselves a great wall,

The Solemn Singularity is believed by a few to return for us all.

As we look at this idea of a great animosity,

From the black hole,

The Solemn Singularity will always give us the escape velocity.



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              The Cabinet of Space


                  David Burr

Deep within the confines of space,

There is one hollow cabinet.

You jump inside this cabinet

And you see a world of ancient history,

Filled with all kinds of malice and mystery.

History turns the pages.

This cabinet is filled with all the minds of the ages.

The glory of light is upon it.

It is so resplendant.

Of this cabinet, only God has transcended.

The cabinet is filled with wonderful things,

That will last throughout time and all your days.

The God of this cabinet will make sure that your enemy pays.

From your belly, darkness you will regurgitate.

For the land, of which is on higher ground,

Will illuminate all the foods you ate.  

You contact the highest plane,

And then you are driven insane.

You deliver all the clouds of mystery,

In to the cabinets of space.

Then you are freed by God's amazing grace.

Then you get away before the devil puts you in your place.

You take a fiery card and then pull an ace.

You look at your life,

And realize that for you He payed the price.

As you are rescued from the abyss,

By your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.










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 The Sandy Desert
                David Burr

 The twin lakes of the totality of your alternate reality.
 You went to the wedding and had a great feast,
 And you saw the hands of time to say the least.
 You went to the spike cave.
 You saw that the water was within,
 as you contemplated the man who was in the great state of sin.
 You came to the spiders web.
 And you had a great epiphany.
 Oh how you lived on the edge and played a master symphony.
 You contemplated the skulls grave,
 And said to yourself, "If only this time I could behave."
 You played out the drama,
 You fought for a while,
 While you thought that you were the greatest man ever that was in denial.
 You walked for a while with the cattle,
 It was a big herd,
 Then you got drunk with dismay at the sandy desert.

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               Ode to Two Great friendships         
                     David Burr
Reach deep inside ofyou,
You will find a light,
Of great feelings that are burning bright.
A feeling of great glory that tells the story.
A majestic bomb that sits at majesty's door,
You can not wait for what life has in store.
As you look in to heavens gaze,
You see a million feelings that you can never rephrase.
As you see your brother before you step on a bug,
You see the man whom you want to hug.
You think of the time that you almost lost it,
And you were brought to tears.
In this you see the friendships that will last through all the years.
As you see the glory of two friends in heavens gate,
You ponder why you have love and not hate.
You see something that will last longer than a billion rhymes,
As you ponder the glory that will course through all the days and times.
As you see the person of whom you would gladly suffer a broken hip,
That is why you pass your time,
And you said to yourself, "Ode to two great friendships."
You came to your own realization.
And you were happy and not mad,
For God gave you two friends and for this you were glad.
You drank whiskey and not ale,
For you will ever be grateful for your two friends-Chris and Dale.

                       the end

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                                                                          The Hidden God
                                                                            David Burr
 In the events that created all history
 I reveal to you a great mystery.  
 Amoung the shells on the sea shore, 
 things Which were concealed shall now be revealed.
 As surely as an arctic fox,
 He shall take this mystery and unlock the locks.
 As surely as the earth stands in space,
 It will slowly reveal the Creators amazing grace.
 Through out every age,
 People have wanted to unlock this mysterious page.
 As surely as a morning dove sings a perpetual song of a thousand lives,
 The mountain man daily strives.
 While I lifted up my voice in amazement,
 I was wondering for which purpose I was sent.
 As I looked at an electric box with my eyes,
 I dove within the box to get my greatest prize.
 I looked around and beheld the audacity,
 Of mankinds greatest atrocity.
 The skin on my head was removed
 Thus the mystery of the painful truth was proved.
 As I turned the key of my belly I saw my internal history,
 I looked down at myself and solved the great mystery.
 I looked up at the fishermen, who had caught a great cod,
 And then I realized that mankind is the hidden god.
 As I struggle to find an end of this,
 I, along with my collective consciousness,
 Rebuked the darkness and found the key to my inner bliss.

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             The Wonderful Saviour
                 David Burr
 Take a look inside where you will see the history
 Of a great mystery.
 It is a battle inside yourself,
 As you battle your flesh and try to put your pride on a shelf.
 You face a daily battle every day,
 As you struggle through the mire and clay.
 You try to fix it on your own,
 As you realize that you are not alone.
 You struggle with many addictions.
 As you try to juice up your inner engines.
 Your conscience convicts you and you can not escape,
 How you have been taught that you evolved from an ape.
 On the day you threw your hands up and surrendered,
 You realize how your flesh had you hindered.
 it was a battle within your mind,
 And a victory you could not find.
 But finally you were delivered from all trials and tribulations,
 And all your inner frustrations,
 Including your bad behaviour.
 You discover the one who shed his blood for you,
 Jesus Christ-the wonderful saviour.
                      the end  

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          The Sand Pit
           David Burr

 Deep within a pit of despair,
 There lived a man who was gasping for air.
 He came to the realization of himself,
 As he put his pride upon the shelf.
 He wondered why he was surrounded by many flies,
 As he said to himself,"I am engulfed in a sea of lies."
 As he looked upon the horizon,
 He saw the sun setting in the west,
 And said to himself,"I wish I could always be at my best."
 He came to his own conclusion,
 That he was suffering from an intellectualized self-delusion.
 His own mortality had been realized,
 As his thoughts were beginning to crystalize.
 He looked within himself and said, "This is it.
 I am going to crawl out of the sand pit."

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           The Lightning Fog
              David Burr
Gaze up at the sky,
 you will soon wonder why,
You see a cloud bank that is oh so mysterious,
 you look within yourself,
 you become so furious.
The mind that you have gathered is driven insane,
 you look at your life and wonder if it's all in vain.
You ponder the books and their original translation.
You read everything including ancient history,
And then you behold a great mystery.
You research everything from science to literature.
Then you see confusion in your girl friends eyes,
As you glanced at her.
You look at physics from fission to fusion,
And you wonder if the intelligent design was all an illusion.
You look past your existence,
Realize that your own mortality smells like a hog,
As you say to yourself,
"Man I need to get up for a morning jog." 
As you step in to a cloud known as the lightning fog.
As you look back on your past,
And realize that it may have been all in vain,
You try to find a way too stop from being driven insane.
You stand up as your mind is trying to find something that will stick,
Then you realize that you are dizzy because you sat up to quick.


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                  Ode to Oneness
                    David Burr

 Dig deep in to your consciousness.
 In there you will find nothing but a mystery.
 There you will contemplate your own personal history.
 You see the complexity of your own thoughts,
 As you try to play an internal game of Connect the Dots.
     The mystery of malice,
 As you build your body's palace.
 You see withinside of your mind,
 You gaze within there with all subjection,
 And you do not have any objection.
 The candle of your inner being as you begin to sin.
     You behold the crystal ball and take your place at the helm,
 As you glance in to your metaphysical realm.
 You look in to your ocean of thought,
 And you are suspicious as you catch many intellectual fishes.
 You dance upon the finale,
 As all the thoughts came to you that you did tally.
     You say to yourself, "I am going to have fun at this,"
 As you collect yourselfand pledge your Ode to Oneness.

                   the end 
                  Oct. 20th 2018


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      The Hidden Grave


        David Burr

  In a town called Koomrava there lived a man

named Alex Jefferson. Now, Alex Jefferson was a

man who was well celebrated until one day

when he was working in shop class. A guy there acc-

identally spilled hot metal on his foot. Alex

lost his temper. He killed the guy by stabbing him

in the neck with some shears causing him to bleed to

death. By the time the teacher was alerted, Alex

threw an ax at the teacher and killed him too.

   Then Alex got hold of a spellbook from the schools

library. He prayed to a demon called Desidan.

Desidan was a demon of rebellion. Alex said, "oh

great Desidan! Grant me a cloak of invisibility

while I kill all the people in this school and

offer you the soul of Dan Benning, the school resource

officer. Also, grant me the pistol of drowning spirits so that I may gather up this soul."

  Desidan said, "I will grant you the power that you

seek. But I will covet your soul at my choosing."

   Alex said, "It is a deal great Desidan. I will

grant you the souls that you seek as long as you

keep your half of the bargain allowing me to

kill and get revenge on everybody at the school."

   At that point Office Benning was alerted. He

approached Alex. Alex shot Dan Benning with the

pistol of spirits and said,  "Mr. Benning your soul

now belongs to the great god Desiden!"  The demon

Desiden said, "Welcome to Hell Mr. Benning."

   So Alex then used a design in the spellbook

where he fashioned the Bomb of Sorrow. Word

got abroad that Alex was going to use the Bomb of

Sorrow to commit suicide and take the entire

school with him. Jacob Jasperson,  a devout Christian,

saw what was going to happen. He prayed-asking God,

"What can I do to stop all this terror?" God answered,

"Jacob I'm going to give you a sword called the

Blazord. The Blazord comes equipped with the fire

of my Holy Spirit."

   Alex did not know that the Bomb of Sorrow would

create a rip in the fabric of space and time causing him

and the entire school to be sent alive in to Hell.

Alex lights the bomb fuse. The bomb blows up. Just

before Alex and the entire school were sucked alive

in to Hell, Jasperson came to Alex and asked, "Sir do

you repent?" In tears Alex replied, "Yes." Jacob

Jasperson took the Blazord, cut the spellbook in haLF,

thus sealing the rip in the space time fabric. Then

Jacob asked Alex, "Will you go to jail after you are

baptised in the Lord's name?" "Yes Jacob I will."

At that point the evil demon was defeated and for-

ever sealed in Hell. Jacob took Alex to the river.

Alex received Jesus as Lord and Saviour  and was then

baptised in Jesus's name-receiving the gift of the

Holy Spirit.

   At that point ten cops came upon Alex and arrested

him. Alex was sentenced to life in prison, where he prayed

and read his bible every day. A great peace came over

Alex. So even though he was captive, he was free

in the spirit because of the power of God.   


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         Alicia My Dearest
Oh dear sweet angel of who I see so bright,
I beckon your hand as I call the stars tonight.
You are the one who is brighter thAN ANY TURTLE DOVE.
And you shower me with your love.
I look at your face and it is oh so resplendent.
You are the greatest person I have ever met,
Who only God transcended.
You are one oh so remarkable,
How can I ever repay you and make you more comfortable.
Your voice is like an angel so soothing,
You know what it takes to get me moving.
You strike me with one thousand "come hither" stares.
You have a greatness for which no one compares.
You are the one girl that I love.
You always capture my heart like the stars above.
You were so greatly created by the ancient of days,
You delight me with all of your ways.
Without you I would be going to hell,
You cast upon me a mighty sleeping spell,
And I will see you again on the next Noel.
I comprehend all that you do.
And I say, "I will always love you."

x >>

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         The Motivational Light

            David Burr
On the edge of space,
Lives a shadowy black hole,
Which can swallow up lights glow.
I have lived on the edge of many a parody.
And I have glanced deep in to the singularity.
As I ponder the mystery of all ancient history,
As I looked within the confines of my being,
I have found a great reason to sing.
As I seperated myself from the herd mentality,
I glanced at an alternate reality.
As I pondered the layers of my consciousness,
I would reach down my throat and pull out my inner bliss.
As I reached up and tried to grab the lightning bolt,
I grabbed myself and felt a great jolt.
As I looked within myself,
My own id I did scorn.
As I glanced in to the darkness that I had inside,
I would try not to run and hide.
As I glanced in to deep space,
I beheld God's amazing grace.
I beheld the sight of the motivational light.


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         The Internal Rats


             David Burr

Take a look inside yourself, if you will,\

And you will find within a great chill. 

You try to take your mind to a higher extension,

And there, dragging you down, will be the bottomless dimension.

You look to the vasticity of human ignorance,

And you feel great despair.

Because of your internal pain, no one can compare.

As you judge your neighbors life,

You realize that you have been unfair.

And then you discover a great kindness

Of which no one can compare.

You bend over and have no objection,

As you catch a whiff of the ultimate invention.

Ask yourself the ulimate question and you will not incline,

Your ear to hear one who is divine.

You go outside for your morning jog,

Then you realize that your thoughts are trapped in the ultimate fog.

You take your thoughts up to a new height,

In that fog you look up to discover the Ultimate Light.

You discover the meaning of perpetual bliss,

Because, the light you see is the ultimate consciousness.

You look down and you see the minds of your enemies,

Have been shrunk to the sizes of the minds of gnats.

As you see the great God that has freed you from your inner rats.


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Nov 6, 2023
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