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Fillet Mignon

Our Most Ordered Dishes

One of our most ordered and popular dishes is the traditional filet mignon steak. Its crunchy and great looking crust served with vegetables assortments makes it a perfect dinner for the whole family.

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    The History of Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z


                David Burr

First of all: Sailor Moon

   It all started when a cat named Luna realized

that her owner, Usagi, was actually Sailor Moon. But,

sometime later on the show Usagi and the other sailor

scouts discovered that they are princesses. Usagi is

the moon princess and the other sailor scouts are prin-

cesses for the other planets. Usagi realized that she

and Marmoril were destined to be together and that he

is a prince on Earth.

   Now, Usagi did not realize this until well in

to the first season, at approximately episode twenty or

episode thirty. Then Luna gave her her transformation locket.

This transfromed her from being a wimpy crybaby in to

the stellar heroine known as Sailor Moon. Her first victory

was the defeat of a villian, sent by Jedite, to take

energy from a jewelry store. Jedite was an underling to

Queen Beryl. Marmoril, who was also known as Tuxedo Mask,

assisted Sailor Moon in this victory. Then later she would

fight one more of Jedites underlings with the assistance

of the sailor scout Amni, who was Sailor Mercury. Then later

they met Rae, who was Sailor Mars. She assisted Usagi and

Amni in defeating still another one of Jedites soldiers.

At around this time three or four more of Jedites soldiers

were defeated by this trio of sailor scouts. Queen Beryl,

Jedites top boss, sentenced Jedite to a spell of eternal sleep.

   Immediatly after that, Queen Beryl summoned Neflite to

assist her. Neflite boasted that he could gather more energy from

one person than Jedite could gather from a thousand people.

Neflite immediately became entangled with Usagi's friend

Molly and they fell madly in love with each other. Another one

of Queen Beryl's villians, Zoysite, became jealous of

Neflite's ability to gather so much energy from Molly by

just simply tricking her. Molly still loved Neflite for she

saw the good in him. Zoysite, in a jealous rage, thought that

Neflite was going to get the imperium silver crystal before

he could. So he got the Doom and Bloom girls to kill Neflite

by stabbing him through the heart. While dying, Neflite said

to Molly, "I guess we will not be having that chocolate barfe

that I promised you. Sorry I lied. I did not intend to."

Now, before the Doom and Bloom girls killed him, the three

sailor scouts-Usagi, Amni, amd Rae-had tried to kill Neflite

but Molly had stopped them. The Doom and Bloom girls had acted

so fast that they were not caught.

   After the death of Neflite, Zoysite took over. Then shortly

after that another sailor scout joined the three. Her name was

Lida-she was Sailor Jupitor. THen began the search for the seven

rainbow crystals. (Later on these crystals would combine to make

the imperium silver crystal which would belong to the moon

princess Usagi.) Tuxedo Mask made up his mind that he was going to

find all seven of the rainbow crystals because at this time he did

not know that Usagi was the moon princess. THen, later, on Zoysite

was joined by his boy friend Malachite. At that time Usagi was revealed

to be the moon princess and she defeated Zoysite. Upset, Queen

Beryl came up with a brilliant idea. She decided to steal Marmaru

out of Usagi's reach.

   Flash backward about three episodes. Maco, who was SAilor Venus,

joined the scouts.

   Soon after Usagi defeated Zoysite, she defeated Malachite. Then

she went on to make Marmaru turn good again. After making Marmaru good

Usagi defeated Queen Beryl once and for all.

   That is the end of the first Sailor Moon season. Tune in next

time for the remaining Sailor Moon seasons and as many Dragonball Z

seasons that I can remember.

           Sailor Moon Season Two-The Conclusion

   Ann and Alan, who were both created by the Doomtree, lure Sailor Moon and the rest of the

Sailor Scouts to the Doomtree-also known as the Tree of Life. Then Ann and Alan ordered the Doomtree to attack

the scouts. However, the Doomtree turned on Ann and Alan! Because

of this, Ann and Alan realized that they had to be good. Sailor Moon

uses her septor to turn the Tree of Life back in to a sapling.

This removed all of the negative energy which had poisoned the tree

for many years.

  After Sailor Moon turned her daughter Reney back to her side and

freed her from the clutches of the evil Doom Phantom, all of the

Doom Phantom's servants were either destroyed or turned good. Then Sailor

Moon and Reney used their two emperium crystals to destroy the Doom

Phantom and send his energy back to the negaverse.

       Sailor Moon-A summary of the end of season three

  The Death Bustards finished gathering pure hearts from

all the people that they needed to get pure hearts from. They then transferred

them to Sailor Saturn and this caused her to transform in to her ultra

ego-known as Mistress Nine. Now, Mistress Nine needed the holy grail to

call upon her boss, Pharoah Ninety. Thinking that she is turning back

in to Sailor Saturn, Sailor Moon hands her the holy grail. Mistress Nine

merges with Pharoah Ninety. The two of them form a black dome over the entire

place. But, because of the good deed done by Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn

seperates from Mistress Nine. Then Sailor Saturn goes in to the dome

and fights both Mistress Nine and Pharoah Ninety. Sailor Moon cries because

she is afraid that Sailor Saturn will be killed. Then the emperium silver

crystal begins to glow causing Sailor Moon to join Sailor Saturn in the

dome where Mistress Nine and Pharoah Ninety are defeated.

    In the following episode, Sailor Scouts Uranus and Neptune turn against

Sailor Moon because they feel she is to much of a crybaby to be leader. But

she defeats Uranus and Neptune and they call her the true messiah.

   In the final episode of season three, the Pure Heart Meter is defeated.

   This concludes the summary of the final five episodes of season three.

                      season four

   At the end of this season Sailor Moon and Sailor Minimoon (Reney) defeat

the bad guy known as the Great Circonia.

                      season five

  At the end of this season, Sailor Moon transforms in to Sailor moon Eternal

and tries to turn an evil sailor scout, Sailor Galaxia, good again. She fails.

Next Sailor Moon and the dark side of Sailor Galaxia get in to a sword fight.

Sailor Moon loses and dies. Sailor Moons other daughter, Sibelsibel, kneels

beside her and prays causing Sailor Moon to be resurrected and transformed

in to an angel. Sailor Moon finally succeeds in turning Sailor Galaxia good.

Sailor Galaxia had previously killed Tuxedo Mask and all the other sailor

scouts. Tuxedo Mask is resurrected and appears to Sailor Moon as Prince

Darian. Then all the other sailor scouts resurrect and the whole group is

reunited. Serena (Sailor Moon) and Darian kiss by the moonlight.   




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   Every Episode I Remember of Dragonball Z


             David Burr

Episode One:  It all started with Gocoo's brother Rattis.
             Now Rattis said to Gocoo, "Why haven't you

             taken over the Earth as we have requested you
             to do?" However Rattis did not call him Gocoo.
             He called him Gacklera. Gocoo said back to
             Rattis, "My name is Gocoo. Why do you call me
             Gacklera?" Replied Rattis, "That is your Sayan
               "Rattis, the people of Earth do not want you here.
             I am now going to hold you still while Pickelo
             delivers a special beacon."

                P.S. The battle lasted longer than that but
                    I am just summarizing.

             When Pickelo delivered the special beacon it
             destroyed both Rattis and Gocoo.  

 Episode two: Pickelo was aware of the fact that Rattis had
             summoned both Vacheta and Nappa to the scene.
             You see, both Vacheta and Nappa were a lot stronger
             than Rattis. So Gocoo, as the planets defender,
             had to take kaoken lessons at King Ky's place.
             Now, when Gocoo had finished with the kaoken
             lessons he hurried off to Earth where he and a
             company of his friends defeated both Vacheta
             and Nappa. Though Gocoo was capable of destroy-
             ing Vacheta, her let him live.

 Episode three: Now Gocoo and his friends went off to the
              planet Namak. Vacheta went, too. There they
              confronted a gang called the Ginyu force. They
              defeated all the members of this gang except
              for the leader Freza. But then Gocoo turned
              supersayen and defeated Freza by using the

 Episode Four: Then Cell arrived on Earth. Gocoo's son Gohon
              defeated Cell.

 Episode Five: Vacheta blows up at Kid Majenbu because he
              threatened his family. So Vacheta does the final
              explosion which destroys both himself and Kid

               P.S. Sometime before Vacheta encounters Kid
               Majenbu, Vacheta and his friends defeat a whole
               race of androids. I don't remember how they
               accomplished this.

               After Kid Majenbu is defeated, Gocoo comes back
               as a supersayen god and defeats the adult Majenbu.

             I do not remember what happened for the rest of
             episode five. But I do know that Lord Verdus defeated
             both Vacheta and Gocoo while both of them were in
             their God forms. Also, Lord Verdus destroyed some
             of the Earth. Then Freza, as Freza Gold, returns.
             Freza Gold gets in to a fight with Gocoo. Freza Gold
             destroys the entire Earth except for one spec. Then
             he is destroyed by God Gocoo.Then they go in to
             space to search for a new planet. That is when they
             encounter Brawley and I am not sure how Brawley is



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         Tampa Bay Buccaneers predictions for 202023


                   David Burr

  Another year that we take home the Big Urinal trophy. We

were the sorriest team in the league and thus carried this trophy with pride.

  But, this year I think that we should have ten wins and 7

losses provided that there are no major injuries. Bruce Arians

wants to bring a hybrid three-four and four-three defense to

the Bucs. I believe that this complex defense will be the rea-

son that we'll do better.

  However, unless Jamos Winston quits throwing so many interceptions,

we will probably be taking home the Big Urinal trophy again.

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       RWO protest


      David Burr

  Welcome to the official protest

of the RWO! The WWE disgraced itself by not allowing

Becky Lynch, Rhonda Rousy, and Charlotte Flair

to engage in a fight after their match against the Ryan Squad

was over. Now, if that fight was between guys,

the WWE scriptwriters and Vince and Stephanie

McMahon would have arranged for the fight to continue

uninterrupted-except for a few wrestlers coming out of

the back. Instead, they arranged for the police to be called!

This why I need the people to unite behind the woman

wrestlers. In spite of what Vince and Stephanie are

saying, the women are not being treated equally.

So, I am calling on the wrestling fans to join

the fight for these womens rights. I want you fans

to tell me what you think of this. And, if you agree,

join the RWO revolution and raise hell!

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           The history of the Undertaker


                  David Burr

   Note! This information is based on my memories

of watching wrestling on TV and researching various

sources, for twenty-five years. Do not take as absolute


   The Undertaker's real name is Mark Calloway. He

is currently married to Michelle McCull. He divorced

his previous wife, Sarah, sometime in the early 2000's.

   His career began in 1990 and at this time he was

known as Kain the Undertaker. His first match was when

he was part of the Million Dollar Man's team. He led

that team to defeat the team led by Brett Hart and

Cocoa Beware. He pinned Cocoa Beware in the middle of the

ring. This led his team to a victory at the Survivor

Series Pay-per-view.  He would then go on later to

face Super Fly Jimmy Snooka where he would win his

first of twenty Wrestlemania victories in a row.

  (Now this would not have been possible if the matches

were not fixed!)

  His toughest opponint was the Giant Gonzales. This

opponint was listed, on TV, as being eight feet tall

and 400 pounds. However, he was actually only seven

feet seven inches tall and less than 400 pounds. If

wrestling was a real fight, the Giant Gonzales would

have probably won. But he was disqualified when he

brought a chloroform rag in to the match. His easiest

victory came when he stuffed the Great Kamala in to a

coffin and closed the lid. That was his first victory

for a match that involved a coffin. His first title

victory was when he beat Hulk Hogan, using some assistance

from Rick Flair. His first casket match loss came at the

hands of Yokozuna and twenty other superstars. But,

with the assistance of Chuck Norris, he would later beat

Yokozuna at Survivor Series. He would also beat the

Giant Gonzales in a Rest in Peace match which would end

the Giant's career. Then he would later go on to face

King Kong Bundy, Big Daddy Cool Diesel, Psycho Sid,

as well as the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Triple H,

Edge, Jimmy Noble, Batista, and Kain. He would face both

Big Show and A Train and defeat them. He defeated Jake

the Snake Roberts. His first Wrestlemania defeat came

in approximately 2017 when he was defeated by Brock


   Then he would later go on to defeat guys like Braye

Wyatt. He lost to Roman Raines. That was his only loss

since the loss to Brock Lesner. He defeated Shane McMahan

and John Cena. As far as I know, the match with Cena was

his last one in Wrestlemania.

  The Undertaker wrestled in other Pay-per-view shows

besides Wrestlemania. In these shows he defeated guys like

The Man They Call Vader, The Underfaker, Mankind, Gold Dust,

Comma, Papa Shango. He would also defeat guys like Mr. Hugges,

IRS (Erlin R. Shyster), King Mabel, and others.

  In that time frame he had multiple gimmicks. Some of these

were: Lord of Darkness Undertaker, Biker Taker, and Ministry

Taker. Throughout his career he waS and is one of the most

legendary superstars of wrestling.

P.S. He actually defeated Brock Lesner once. Even though his
career is almost over, he will always, in my eyes, be a legend.




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Nov 6, 2023
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