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                             The Most Extreme Political Conspiracy Theories




                                   David burr



  It was several years ago where I googled the United States of America Inc, and what I found was a conspiracy theory that is to hard for most people to believe but I believe it.  It goes like this: Through the banking system, the British government secretly controls the U.S.A via all the money they keep in their banking system The concoction they have created is "The United States of America Inc." This conspiracy theory is believed by only a minority. It is a conspiracy theory that states that the Freemasons, the super rich, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and other secret organizations, run our country. These conspiratoralists believe that these organizations  have achieved this power because they have been unchecked for many years.

   Another conspiracy theory-one that may actually have some truth-is the belief that our government has a secret project called the HARP project. I'm not sure what HARP stands for-think it is High Frequency Active Auroreal Project. (Think it is called auroreal because the science behind it is similar to what causes the auroreal borealus-ie northern lights?)Some conspiratorialist and I belive that this project is for population control, creating earthquakes, to manipulate weather, and even erase  memory and brainwash you!


          Some other other conspiracy theories that I would like to touch base on. Here is one that is believed by a significant percentage;The Mafia played a role in JFK's murder.  now this theory could actually have some truth. Even though the Warren Commission, back in 1964, stated that Oswald acted alone, many people doubted this because there were witnesses reporting shots from other locations and the it has never been proven beyond doubt that the Zabruder film proved shots from just one location.  And the Mafia certainly had a motive to murder Kennedy because his brother, Bob, was very agressively prosecuting them.

     Also, at one time there was suspicion that Elvis faked his death. This suspicion was based on several things: Elvis was doing work for the FBI, in some way undercover, helping them catch drug dealers-he even had a code name! A woman wrote a book in which she claimed that a guy who looked just like Elvis with a name the same as his code name got an airplane ticket to fly out of the country shortly after his death. In spite of this, most people now don't believe this theory because they don't trust the author. Also, that Elvis tape was proven to be a hoax.


                This concludes my thoughts on sequnces of conspiracy theories                                          


   I would also like to say that the Rothchilds, Rockefellers  and the Illuminati are all playing a part in rigging our elections. Thus the president, regardless of who he or she is, is nothing more than a pawn. I would also like to state that both the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers own 99.9% of the world. There are only two countries that are not owned by this faction-Iran and Syria. I believe that is why former president, Bush Jr., called Iran part of an axis of evil. I also believe that all wars are fake-most are the result of the Rockefellers and Rothchilds. I believe that our motive for going to war in the Middle East is just to get control of their oil. I also believe that 09/11 was an inside job.


          I also believe that through two processes, that are both done by chemtrails, the government is secretly putting aluminum berrium,  and strontium, in to our atmosphere. This process is called solar radiation management (SRM). There is also another process known as strategic ariel geoengineering.

Both of these processes are designed to poison us and thus significantly reduce the population. There is also a process called MK ultra. MK ultra is a process in which the government uses mind control to control us. 


        Want to hear this? The vast majority of our food, especially in fast-food restaurants, has GMO's (genetically modified organisms). And, something even scarier than that, pepsi contains cells from aborted fetuses! McDonalds also does this practice to make their food taste better! (I got this information from Google.)


      I believe that our government is being controlled by reptilian aliens.


                                         the end 


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          The RWO Platform


              David Burr

  I would like to be part of a political

party called the RWO, but also realize that

such a party would not get far in this

country because the platform would be out

of touch with most Americans. Some of the

goals in this party would be:

    Raise taxes on the wealthy

    Cut taxes for the middle class

    no tax liability for the poor

    a constitutional amendment to eliminate sales taxes

    a foreign policy with no entanglements or alignments

    socialized medicene

    nationalize the auto and petroleum industries

    clean energy-no fossil fuels

    power distribution without a grid

    increrase funding for NASA

    demand equal time for creation and evolution theories in public schools

    offer alternative views of American and world history in public schools

    offer alternative views of science in public schools

    taxpayer funded elections

    both a wall and drones to protect the Mexican border

    change zoning laws to make housing more affordable

    making sure free trade is fair

    outlaw abortions except for in cases of rape or incest

    outlaw fracking for petroleum and natural gas

    do away with the Federal Reserve

    legalize recreationaL marijuana

    create a nationwide anti-bullying campaign

    transgender bathrooms in all school buildings

    eliminate sexual orientation discrimination for government jobs

    abolish feminism (feminists goals have already been achieved)

    make sure that teaching art is given equal time in public schools

    encourage school system integration as much as possible

    Increase handgun control to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill

    put troops across every border to guard against terrorism

    eliminate laws that make it hard for labor unions to form

    change the definition of disabled to include anyone who is not capable of making a living wage
    This would be determined by IQ and other tests taken all the way up to high school

    Make anyone who is diagnosed with a mental illness eligible for disability

    mandatory psychiatric evaluations for veterans returning home after experienceing combat and other war stresses

    double social security income for those on disability and also for retirees

    a tripling of social security benefits for retired veterans.       


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       Some Philosophy


         David Burr

  First of all, I would like to say that this

is just philosophy because there is not any

hardcore evidence to back it up.

  What if the reflectionn through the eyes

reflects a picture in to a mans soul. You

go deep in to the collective consciousness

and then in to the core of your very being.

You project your mental energies outward in

to society. In return, society, while working in

unison with you, projects your energies out in

to space. The energies reach the Solemn Sing-

ularity. Then the Solemn Singularity projects

its energy out to all of humanity. The energy

goes to the core of our planet where it gets

captured in to the Universal Whole.


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      The Theory of Everything


            David Burr


  First of all, I would like to say the philosopher LaRae

DeCarte said, "I think therefore I am." Now what that implies 

is we think therefore we exist. So if we can imagine that we

think therefore we exist, by that logic you can infer the

existence of a creator. Now, Neville Goddard said,"God is your

own wonderful human imagination." He also said, "Man is only 

imagination. An assumption-even if false-will harden in to fact

if you persist in and act on that assumption."

  Now for some string theory. String theory says that the universe is like 

sliced bread. Picture how a loaf of bread is sliced. The bread 

represents the fabric of space and time and there are parallel

universes woven in to the fabric of our universe. Two parallel

universes collided together to make the big bang. Remember DeCarte's


  A brief summary of the history of the universe from the beginning

to the present:
  The universe began approximately 14,000,000,000 years ago The

earth was formed approximately 4.5,000,000,000 years ago. It was

formed from the coalescing of dust particels that were joined

together by their gravitational attraction. The sun and all of the

planets were formed by this same preocess. The sun and the gas giant

planets were formed by the coalescing of gas and other subatomic

particles. Approximately 3.5,000,000,000 years ago-right after

the late to mid heavy bombardment when asteroids and comets were

striking the earth frequently. During the late to mid heavy bombardment,

an earth-sized planet named Thea collided with our planet and the

dust and debris from this collision coalesced to form the moon.

After the heavy bombardment, microscopic algae was formed. This

algae released oxygen in to the air which enabled water vapor to 

condense in to clouds causing rain for millions of years. After that the ocenas and seas 

were formed. Then the first microscopic bacteria. That bacteria evolved in to

the first macroscopic life-such as jellyfish. Then cam the first arthropods-

such as brontoscorpion, terragotus, and anavlocaurus. Now, brontoscorpion was the 

first creature to walk on dry land. The first amphibian to walk 

on dry land was hynerpitant. After that was the period of time known as mammal-

like reptiles. These were postacircaus which was an apex predator

and aslinadot. Now, this period was succeded by the period known as the

age of the dinasaurs which began with a dinasaur called celiphisaus. The 

dinasaurs died out at the end of the Jurrasic period when a mass extinction

occured. This occured either because of a strike by a giant asteroid or

because of a series of supervolcano eruptions. Then we entered in to the

age of mammals. The first mammals were small shrew-like creatures Then larger

mammals, such as the saber-toothed cats and mammoths and mastadons, 

entered the picture. This all occured during the period of time known as

the plastacene. Then the period of the ape-men arrived. There were two

seperate species of ape men, authropithecene afarenses-which is our 

ancestor and who we recognize as Lucy, and authropithecene robustus

which was an evolutionary dead end. Now, the afarenses branched off in to

two seperate species. One was the homo habelus, otherwise know as the

handyman or tool maker. The homo habelus developed a large brain from

the animal fat that it consumed from the bone marrow from the carcases

that it cracked open. Homo habelus was a scavenger. The reason homo

habelus survived was because of its diversified diet. The other afarenses-

afarenses boisei-did not survive because it did not diversify its diet.

Homo habelus went on to evolve in to homo erectus. Homo erectus branched

off in to homo neanderthalus and homo sapiens. We know that homo neanderthalus

main source of food was mastadons and mammoths. So when these died out

the neanderthals died out as well. A few neanderthals survived and intermarried

with homo sapiens. This resulted in the formation of homo sapien sapien-

modern man.

   Now at this point I want to remind you of the quote, "I think therefore 

I am." 

   Some facts about psychology and neurology:

   First I would like to start with neurology. The tealancephalon-also known

as the cortex-is the outer layer of the brain. Just inward from there is the 

dialoncephalon. The middle layer is known as the mesancephalon. The last 

two layers are the metincephalon and the myaloncephalon. At the extreme rostral

part of the brain is the frontal lobe. In the frontal lobe is the cerebral

cortex which is responsible for higher order thinking. Directly cottal to

that is the perital lobe. Now, the perital lobe is responsible for your

spacial layout, such as your ability to draw. Also, your sematacentury

cortex is located within the perital lobe. The sematacentury cortex is

responsible for phantom limb syndrome. Now, this cortex is responsible for

your body map. Phantom limb syndrome is a condition in your brain sends 

out neuro impulses to a missing limb, thus making a person think that that

limb still exists when it really doesn't. Amputees often experience this condi-

tion. The way to treat this is to use a mirror box. The mirror box tricks

the brain in to thinking that everything is operating normally so that the

signals to the missing limb are shut down. Now at the extreme cottal part of

the brain is the obsipatol lobe. The obsipatol lobe is where the visual cortex

is. I will explain the visual system to you later. 

   For now let me explain to you blindsight. The way normal vision works is it

goes through the pupil to the retinal ganglea, to the optic nerve and is processed in the 

visual cortex. That is the way it normally works in higher mammals, especially

human beings. The visual center of lower mammals, such as mice and rats-as well as reptiles 

and amphibians is radically different. This is, in evolutionary terms, the 

original vision system. Now they still have pupils, a retinal ganglea, and an

optic nerve, but instead of being processed in the visual it is processed in the

temporal lobe at the bottom of the brain. People with blindsight can not process

visual images-they can only detect motion.

  Now for psychology: Schizophrenia can happen in two ways. One way is an imbalance

of dopamine between the synapses. A synapse is where the dendrite of one neuron

meets the andrite of another neuron. Another cause of schizophrenia is a mis-

formation of short axon neurons. Remember the quote, "I think therefore I am."


Also philosophical matters: Now remember the Einstein equation E=mcsquared. The

reason I brought that up is because, according to Einstein, the universe is mostly

energy and there is just enough mass to hold it together. You can imagine that since

the universe is mostly energy God must be a cognitive energy pattern. We know from 

neurology that a persons mind is simply energy flowing through the brain. If both our mind

and God are energy then it is not hard to imagine God being our imagination. After all,

the human imagination has created lots of things throughout time. The mind is the 

most powerful thing a person has. Throughout our evolution remember that life

started as microbes. Then came about multi-cellular life, then arthropods, fish, amphibians,

mammals, then all the way up to modern man. The reason I said this is each evolution 

of life represents a state of human consciousness. Ape-man represents the primitive

mind before he realizes his God consciousness. We will continue to pregress in our

evolution until we reach neo-humanity. From there we will be reunited with the God

energy, which is our mind. Then we will be one with the universe.

   Now since we are basically energy it isn't hard to imagine that the collective 

consciosness of humanity could be holding the universe together. Neville Goddard said,

"God came down because he wanted to experience what it was like to be mortal. That 

is why every human has to reach the God potential that is in all of us. Essentially

people are all gods." Now, as powerful as the mind is, this is not hard to imagine.

  The bible states in Genesis that we are made in Gods image. What this is stating is

that we are quantum gods. (I said this before. I am merely reiterating) In the book of

Proverbs it says, "As a man thinks in his heart so is he." In either the book of Hebrews,

or one of Paul's epistles, it talks about parallel universes. It states that God made

the heavens and the worlds. In both cases both words are plural. So, we know from the bible,

as well as string theory, that there are parallel universes. I say this not because I 

take the bible literally but because I want to show Christians that parallel universes

are scripteral.

  Neville Goddard said, "Before you receive the promise you are going to see a vision of

King David. King David will appear to you as a young man. That is an indication that you 

are going to receive the promise. Right before the promise is manifested to you, you 

will see a vision of the virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus wrapped in a cloth. This means 

that you will achieve being one with the universe when you die. If you do not recieve the 

promise you will continue to come back to a world like this to continue the journey.

These other worlds exist in parallel universes."

   Back to mental illness: If you are mentally ill you have the propensity toward having

an inferiority complex. This is obviously a hindrance to you developing your God potential

regardless of whether or not you believe you are God.

  So we have been from ape to human and we will eventually all realize our God potential

and enjoy our rightful place in the universe.

  Other religions believe in a pantheon of gods. The bible backs this up as well because in

Genesis it says, "Let us make man in our image." Wouldn't common sense take this to mean

that there are more than one god? Or could the word our allude to the angels or the trinity?

However the bible also makes it clear that the trinity is one and angels are not considered

gods-but messengers of god. So in all likelihood the word our is alluding to the existence

of other gods. (Of course the bible states that we are to worship only one god!) This is

why true Christians and Jews are not monotheists. They are monolatrists. A monotheist is

one who acknowledges only one god, while a monolatrist is one who acknowledges the existence

of multiple gods but worships only one. So, all religions belive in either one god or a

pantheon of gods. Belief in a god goes all the way back to ancient times. Because people 

have almost always believed in God logic would dictate that there must be a god out there somewhere.

   Now, let us take a look at the visual center of our brain and how it has an impact on

angels and demons. Remember how I said that light goes in through the pupil, in through the retina

down the optic nerve, through the lateral geniculuc nucleas, and then to the visual cortex

where the information is processed. Now, you know how the mind is basically the energy in

our brain. This energy is so powerful that it might explain how it is possible-being that our 

imagination is God-that a projection of our consciousness from our minds through our eyes

could project the outside world around us. In other words, everything we see around us is 

projected through our eyes and then made up in our imagination. If you believe that a holigram

is possible you must learn to see the world around us as a solidified holigram. Remember 

Einsteins theory E=mcsquared? What if you were to take that and shorten it to just E-imagin-

ing that the universe is simply energy? With that being said, if all that we see is merely a

projection of our mind and everything has a positive or negative to it, then everything that

we see could be either an angel or a demon-depending on your perspective. Example: If you see 

a vicious dog that could be a demon. Or if you see a nice dog that could be your guardian angel.

This is all of course a construct of your mind. What your mind makes out of it is what it is.

    Keep in mind that life today is still evolving-everything from the simplist mitocondria

to us humans. Recapitulation models hydrogeny. What this shows is as a person or animal is forming 

in the mothers womb that that embryo as it begins to form starts out looking like a fish, but 

just before birth takes its full shape.

   WE know through mud skippers and lungfish that life began in the ocean. A mud skipper is a fish 

that lives primarily in the ocean but can come out on dry land. A lungfish is self-explanatory.

It is simply a fish that does not require gills. I don't know about you but to me these represent 

transitional forms-thus substantiating evolution. What this all means is everything is going to 

go unevolving until it reaches God consciousness.

  I think therefore I am. We think therefore we are. It thinks therefore it is. 

                       the end                       

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