Mick Burr
Mick Burr

White Sneakers

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Here you can find shoes and more!

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Welcome to our Wellness & Spa Ressort!

Welcome to our Wellness & Spa Ressort!





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<< New text box >>                                            The Plane of Lightning




                                                                                      David Burr



     Take a look in to the upper depths of the uncouncious,


     As your try to go higher with your own reality,


     As your mind starts to wonder, "how could this existence be?"


     As you ponder your own mortality.


     You get carried away with every hater,


     As you wonder, "Isn't there a creator?"


     You run these questions through your mind in fast forward and reverse,


     As you wonder whether or not these questions have given you a great dilemma,


     Or created your own curse!


     You look outside at the city of corruption,


     As you ponder waht has happened,


     Along the course of your own mental abduction.


     As you head deep within the confines of your interior ocean,


     You wonder why you have a great megladon causing you great commotion.


     As the core of your inner being begins to crystalize,


     You feel like you can look through the Creator's eyes.


     You ponder why you gave your girlfriend,


     A beautiful diamond ring,


     As your interior chour begins to sing.


     As you look upon your girlfriend,


     She is blonde like Goldilocks,


     As you dive in to your own shadowbox.


     As your world crumbles  around you,


     And it is very frightening,


     You rise up to the eternal plane of lightning.


     You rise up to that plane and are amazed,


     As you look down from Heavens gaze.



                                                                     the end 

Welcome to Mick Burr.


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                                                                            Galactic Oneness
                                                                             David Burr

 Take a look in space,
 As you see the galactic chase.
 As you use this time,
 To see that you haven't commited any crime.
 You peer in to glory,
 As it tels the story.
 As your mind ponders everything at one time,
 As you imagine coming free of the evolutionary slime,.
 As you look within yourself there is a great debate,
 You wonder is there a creator,
 Who will be there as you meet your fate.
 And you wonder about great grace,
 As you commit abomination,
 As you wonder about your own creation.
 As your mind passes through its own instability,
 As you do everything intuitively.
 As you flip a coin to make your ultimate choice,
 You wonder if your head-one day-the head hunters will hoist.
 As you throw your brain away,
 You wonder if the intellectual elders will come to play.
 As they play on this grand notion of obsession,
 You are flung in to the black hole of depression.
 As you sit there with anguish and despair,
 You wonder as you are inside the singularity,
 Who is going to get you out of there.
 As you questioned its existence once before,
 You believed you could not lose,
 As you thought that you came from the primortial ooze.
 You realize how foolish you were,
 As you were given the escape velocity,
 Out of the black hole by your creator.
 As the great brains of science begin to clash,
 As you realize now that it was a creator,
 Who put the pea brains together,
 To make a big bang clash as you run out of cash.
 As you realize that you have tapped in to your own perpetual bliss,
 You fall in to your own galactic oneness.
 You come to a grand station,
 As you are promoted to first grade,
 In your own reincarnation.

                  the end  

<< New text box >>                         Alice in Wonderland




                                                           David Burr


      There once was a little girl who lived in the shadows of her own mind.

       Her tears existed through the galaxy and were not hard to find.

       She had a great clock.

        She counted the seconds as it wen't tick-tock.

        Through the mire and through the clay,

        She looked up at the sky and made her enemies all pay.

        She said, "Oh if I could ever be transformed by the diamond of light."

        she dreamt of always soaring to a new height..

        She looked within herself and wondered why she no longer wished she was dead.

        As she poured out her psychie in a big bed.

        She glanced up at the sky and saw the puppet master who was pulling her strings,

        As great signs and wonders were demonstrated every time she sings.

        Then her mind began to sneak in to a deep pit,

        As she saw within the pit all the spiders and rats inside,

        The collective consciousness of the world made her want to run and hide.

        She tried to solve the spiders curse,

        As she was plunged in to the toilet of the universe.

         She then wondered why she was able to prevent herself from going insane,

        Because she had to much of an intelligent mind to maintain.

        It was thrown at her from every direction,

         Knives to alter her great complexion.

         As she glanced in to outer space,

         She wondered with great obsession,

         How she was going to get grace from the 11th dimension.

         Now, this may be hard to understand,

         why she was transformed from a girl, to a boy, and then to a man,

          She became the true Alice in Wonderland.


                                                the end




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   The Poonsivey Prison Match




                                                                         David Burr




      Join me, David Burr, and my co-host Poonsivey, in what I have desribed as the Poonsivey prison mach


debate forum.  The following is a debate that I'm having with myself and a fictional character named


Poonsivey. In this debate we will hear from several fictional scientists and several real ones.  The first two 


scientists are Benjenstein and Hitchenheimer:


         " I, Benjenstein, will attempt to prove that evolution is an unquestionable reality. Several physicists will


be assisting me. Two of these scientists are string theorists. There names are Brian Greene and Mejo Dekoko.


 Stephen Hawking will be assisting me also. He is a bubble theorist. There is one more assistant physicist-


 Mitchen Haumberg-who is a universe-multiverse theorist. I will be talking about biology and my assistants


will be talking only about physics. So let me present Brian Greene.


         ' I, Brian Greene, want to first point out to all of you that all the theories that we would like to point


out to you tonight are little more than brilliant mathematical constructs. There is little more than math to


substantiate each theory.  Let us talk about the big bang theory. Now we know, because of the 60 Hertz


AC hum from the grid, that the big bang theory is the most provable one. The big bang theory says that at


approxiamtely 14,000,000,000 years ago matter collided with anti-matter and neutrinos to create this big


bang. That is a summary of big-bang theory. Stephen Hawking belives strongly in this, as well as another theory that we will cover later, known as bubble theory. But, I belive in a different theory, Let me start off by saying


that if you scale down to approximately ten to the minus 10th power you are down to the level of the 


quantum world. If you go to ten to the minus 32nd you go to the level of the string. Now I would like to take


the time to explain the details of string theory. There are roughly four types of this theory: 


                    (1) M theory. This holds that there are ten dimensions of space and one of time.


                    (2) regular string theory which states that there are nine dimensions of space and one of time


                    (3) super string and the DNA of reality theory. This theory is similar to the big-bang theory. Like the 


                         big bang theory, this theory states that there are four dimensions-three of space and one of 


                         space-time.  But, it states that there were two parallel universes that collided.


                    (4) the bulk-space theory. States that the ten spatial dimensions are part of a larger bulk space


                          and, because of this, the dimensions are stacked miles apart from each other and that space


                          is billions of times larger than we had originally thought. But, even though the dimensions are


                          millions of miles apart, it amounts to only five or ten miles on our planet.


I I would also like to take you on a brief tour of the quantum world because quantum mechanics is very 


 important to string theory. First of all, when talking about quantum mechanics as well as all other theories


that are attached to it, you have got to start off simply and work your way to the complex. Keeping things


simple, I would first like to say that if you roll a ball down a bowl and it goes the hole at the middle that is a de-


 monstration of the laws of motion. Then if you do two to or more balls at the level of the quantum world


 that is a demonstration of quantum mechanics. Now if you do the same thing where no charge is conserved


 it creates time-like particles in your theory. Time-like particles are similar to tacheon. Therefore your theory


 of any kind is rendered mathematically useless. 

     Now, I would like to say that if you hold out your right hand and do a back flip that is a rotation about the

X axis. If you hold out your left hand and do a back flip that is a rotation about the Y axis. Then there is the 

SO32 string. This string is meant to vibrate in 32 dimensions. Then you have closed strings and open strings. With 

the closed strings, you have modes and nodes of vibration. 

    Now I would like to say something about M theory and regular stringn theory. M theory  is just like regular

string theory except that it has one more dimension. Now with both forms of string theory you take Einsteins gravity

which is a replacement for the Newtonian laws of gravity. The Newtonian laws merely state that gravity is an invisible 

force which pulls you to the ground. Einsteins laws state that gravity is a warping of the space time fabric. As you

all physics students know, gravity is the weakest of the forces.

    Electromagnestism is the next force I want to introduce. This force was discovered by James Clark Maxwell. This 

force easily overtakes gravity because it prevents us from falling in to the center of the earth.

    Then, there is the strong nucelar force.This is the force that binds subatomic particles together. Then we have the

weak nuclear force which pulls subatomic particles apart. However, in a black hole, gravity overtakes all these other forces.

    Now, there are parallel universes that are woven in to the fabric of this universe.'

    I, Benjenstein, would like to say that approximately 4.5 billion yeaRS the earth and planets were formed. Sometime before

then there was a supernova at the edge of the solar system. Dust, gases, and rocks gather by gravitational attraction and 

formed the sun and planets. Then,we have the earth. Now, the earth at that time was a pile of molten rock. It was constantly 

being bombarded by asteroids. Somewhere in that time a planet named Thea collided with our planet. Dust and debris from the 

earth went flying in to space and created our moon. Next, asteroids carrying ice hit our planet. The ice melted forming the bodies 

of water that we see today. However, any theory states that volcanos spewed gas thus causing it to rain for millions of years.

Then, about 3.5 billion years ago, the first microscopic bacteria formed. This was microscopic algae. 

Then the first photosynthesis took place. This microscopic algae elvod in to multi-celled creatures which led to sea creatures

then amphibians, then reptiles, and eventually to man."

         Now I would like to present Hitchenheimer:

    "I, Hitchenheimer, would like to say that the universe is far to complex, right down to the single celled organisms, for evolution.

You see, the way irreduceable complexity works, is you have a bacteria flugellum. If you remove just one of the pieces of this 

flugellum, just like you if you remove one piece of a motor, it fails to operate. what Benjenstein fails to mention is you 

need both DNA and RNA to have life. Amino acids just don't organize themselves in to proteins. Because of this irreduceable

complexity of singler celled organisms, life could not have evolved in to vast diversity of today. And you also have to consider

the gaps in the fossil records. Then you have to consider the Austin chalk. This chalk was formed by the global flood. Also the

wreckage of Noah's ark was found on Mt. Ararat. This does not mean that the entire planet was flooded, just the known world

back in Noah's time.

    then you have the fact that space is still expanding. You see, time is relative throughout the universe, as Einstein proved.

You see, God streched out the space fabric. As he did this time was passing the same in deep space as on our planet. This proves

that the earth and deep space can not be as old as they say."

    "Now I, Benjenstein, would like to interject. First of all, it takes billions of years for light to pass through the un-

iverse. Therefore the universe has to be billions of years old. Second, your argument for irreduceable complexity can be easily 

shut down in one word: time. You see, when you factor in the passage of evolutionary time and you factor in the fact that if you

remove one part from the bacteria flugellum, you may not have a bacteria flugellum anymore. What you have instead, is the 

bacteria thet caused the bubonic plague. It is the same way that if you remove one of the parts from a mousetrap it is no longer

a mousetrap-instead it is a tieclip. And don't get me started on the global flood myth. You are right that it could not have

have been global. Consider the logic of how an ark could rest on this mountain. This Mt. Ararat is surrounded by high land-

the sea would probably have to rise at least four thousand feet from its present level for an ark to rest there!"

     Now, let me present Mitchen Haumberg:

    "I, Mitchen Haumberg, have to say that the universe might have formed not as a result from a big bang but rather from hundreds

of universes. Our universe might have been one of the few universes with life formed from a long series of multiverse."   

     Now let me present Stephen Hawking:

    "I, Stephen Hawking, would just like to say that I belive that the universe is shaped like a dome and is eternal. The laws 

of physics inside of a vacuum creating everyhing inside it. Either that, or there was a giant black hole at the beginning of 

the universe and, because time stands still inside of a black hole, there would not have been any time for a creator. Both of

these theories prove that God does not exist."

    "Now I, Hitchenheimer, will interject. If God does not exist who created the vacuum and the black hole?"

      Let me present Poonsivey who will introduce my good friend Dale Holsinger. Dale and I believe that the universe is an

illusion and therefore is held together by the human mind. Therefore, there is not any need for a god. Now for Hitchenheimer

with his final interjection:

     "If the universe is an illusiion why do we experience pain?"

                                                        the end  



                         The Dark Reflection
                             David Burr

 Peer in to a mirror, if you will.
 Then you will discover a great chill.
 Look inside the depths of your heart,
 Then you will discover the inner light and darkness,
 That you have known from the start.
 You have looked deep within insanity,
 As you have discovered the mysteries of malice and vanity.
 As the pendulum of time passes through reality,
 You have your head chopped off in the ultimate finality.
 The mysteries of the deep come to you,
 As your knowledge is zapped from view.
 You crawl through the mire and the clay,
 As you struggle to unserstand your own dismay.
 As you come to your own finality,
 When your life comes in to focus,
 You ponder the world in symbiosis.
 you look deep in to the ocean,
 As you are swallowed by a labyithon.
 In the belly of the great disaster,
 You decide to let your conscience and reasoning be your master.
 As you gather up all the forces within you in a great rage,
 You run in to your inner light which turns a new page.
 As you look around you,
 You have no objection,
 And destroy your own dark reflection.



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                                 The Black Diamond Death

                                      David Burr

     There once was a rat living on the Black Diamond planet. This Black Diamond planet
could be found in the seventh dimension. This planet had an evil goddess named Staradula.
Staradula called forth the black rat and made him in to a creature that was half rat and
half ugog. Ugogs were mystical cyclopes. Every ugog was able to shoot a laser out of their
eye. When they got combined with the rat, they formed a creature called a ratifier. The rat-
ifier had the ability to shoot ice beams out of its mouth, as well as shoot a laser out
of its eye.
     Staradula sent the ratifier down to Earth after telling it, "Plunge the earth in to
darkness and you will be greatly rewarded." When the ratifier arrived on Earth he grabbed
a spellbook that he had received from Staradula. He began to say, "Come forth Obamidan!
Come forth! Plunge this dirtbag planet in to darkness." So, the obamidan shot a giant fire-
ball out of its mouth. But, just as the planet was about to be obliterated, a superhero
came to its rescue. His name was Umparadoxi. Umparadoxi took out of his back pocket the
shield of fate-which he called the great curse breaker. He shined this shield in to the
air and reversed the polarity of the fireball sending it back upon the diamond planet. So,
the diamond planet, Staradula, the ratifier, and all of the ugogs were destroyed. Upon
their destruction, a giant beam of light came down from space and restored Earth to its
     And to think that the earth was saved by reversing the polarity of Obamidan's fireblast!
     Umparadox said, "Now that the darkness has been reversed we are now shining in the
light and are free from the great curse."
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